Thursday, 3 December 2009

Monkey business

Swing over to Blue Chair Diary if you've a mind and take a look at this fun little game. Sock Monkey wants to come visit you for a few days. Will you offer him a room and feed him bananas? I love these travelling toys. What adventures he will have to write home about...


  1. Sock monkeys are my favorite!!! About 6 years ago, I had a massive obsession with monkeys... I now have about 3 storage boxes full of monkey related things that friends would constantly give me. They automatically thought of me every time they saw a monkey. lol.
    So is the Monkey going to visit you?

  2. sweet of you! I am in total shock that you wrote this up here. :) And blessed!! Thank you.


  3. Traveling sock monkey.....cute Idea!
    I've been reading through all of your post and absolutely love your style. I can only wish I could express myself so eloquently.
    We are still in snow watch here in SA...has not happened yet.
    Your snow-in day last year sounded wonderful. What a great way to meet the neighbors.
    Running over to your Etsy shop right now.
    Sorry I missed your grand opening.:)


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