Saturday, 19 December 2009


The pressure was on this week. I was hosting the Inspiration Avenue challenge - I had to come up with something good. The more sensible soul might have forward planned, but somewhat foolishly, I had selected my 'hidden' theme without having any particular thought in mind as to what I might create. I guess I just figured I had all week to come up with something.

This, dear readers, leads me to ponder just what exactly has happened to this week. Did someone perhaps press the fast forward button down too hard? Have we been hurtling through the space/time continuum on a race with the good Doctor in his TARDIS?

How can it possibly be Saturday again already? What did I do for the past seven days? Let's have a think... Well, I have barely had time to pick up a paintbrush that's for sure. I've only done one proper day's work. I've sort of cleaned the house but it's messy again already. I've wrapped up all the presents, written all the cards. I've spent all day cooking and preparing for a big family party tomorrow (and let's not mention all the shopping that entailed). I did my bit for the community by clearing much of the snow out of the road in front of my house (and now I have a back ache, no surprise there...). This morning I found myself unexpectedly mopping up the mess after a 'hidden' leak in the shower pump resulted in a waterfall through the kitchen ceiling. I've sat in the audience of both a nativity play and a carol concert starring my son. Friends have been wined and dined... Hmm, perhaps I have been busy after all...

This waffle is really an excuse for my entry this week. I just didn't have enough time to devote to create exactly what I was after.

She had a hidden dream - a Palazzo in the Tuscan countryside. Her lover gazed unseeing from a bedroom window, searching the horizon for the rest of his heart.
I'm here she breathed softly. Wait for me...
This piece was created by layering up three magazine image transfers on a green and golds acrylic background. If you look closely you can see both the Palazzo and the interior hidden away and inhabiting the girl's dreams. A few more layers of acrylic finished the piece.


  1. well ... what ever you say about being unprepared and all ... this piece is AWESOME!!!!! you certainly did not disappoint host :) i love the expression in the girl's eyes (somehow she reminds me of bella) and i love how you've hidden the images and need i say that the color palette is just amazing. there is something about blues and greens that i cannot resist :) well done my fren!!

  2. wonderful dreamy image - plus all that activity - by my reckoning you have packed at least a fortnight into the last week!

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about your week. Sometimes we forget just how busy we have been until we write it all down! I agree ~ How did Saturday come so fast??

    Your painting looks as if you have spent tons of time planning and working! She really looks as if she has many hidden thoughts. As Luthien said, the colors are beautiful!

  4. What an amazing post and art. Yes,, this week has flown by. In fact, it feels like this entire month has flown much, that is seriously scares me if I stop and think about it too long!!

  5. Forward planning? That's for wimps lol!

    Love the atmostphere of this piece and your words are beautiful. I love the way you marry your words and images :)

  6. I love how dreamy this is- it's exactly the kind of image that came to mind when you set the theme. Beautiful!

  7. It's a wonderful piece. You did a great job with your busy week. It is right before Christmas-everyone is having a busy week (and the blizzard is not helping).

    A Dr. Who Fan? Let's hope this Christmas is free of alien invasions!lol

  8. This is beautiful and dreamy...and you did this while I sat in my pj's and watched trash TV.
    oops...I was dreaming aloud again.
    Busy Bees we are, ain't life grand?
    xox, Lisa

  9. This piece is beautiful! With all that is going on.... not sure how you managed to do this fabulous piece. I'm in awe. I have not been able to pick up a brush or pen or notta' lol.
    I love how you do all these fabulous layers. I'm making it a new years resolution to learn more about image transfers.
    Have a Merry, Merry Christmas,

  10. I love the image and it definately invokes "hidden" I love the colors and the layering.


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