Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Little donkey

There's not much cuter a sight than a children's nativity play. Well, actually there is... It's one with your child in! I was such a proud Mumma yesterday watching my boy in his little donkey costume and hearing him and his friends singing those songs we've been rehearsing for weeks. He might not have been Joseph, the Innkeeper or a talking Shepherd but he was my boy on the stage. As the cast marched in through the audience around 60 pairs of eyes scanned the crowd for the ones they most wanted to see. I helped my boy out by yelling his name so he could spot me easily (well, it was dark!). They are still at that age where it is entirely acceptable to wave to family from the stage in the middle of the production and fiddling constantly with your donkey or sheep ears is, frankly, mandatory!

I have to say I was really impressed by the whole performance. They sang, they recited, they played instruments, including the steel drums (why didn't they have steel drums at my school?)If they were handing out gongs I'm sure my boy could have carried off best supporting actor in a donkey role.

I wonder if there's much money in writing scripts for school plays. It wasn't exactly Shakespeare... Hmm food for thought...

I think we might have to go and see this film together next week on school hols...


  1. You must go and see that since there is a donkey in it! And we must be present and cheer and shout NOW while our kids want us there. Soon enough the sullen, private lives of adolescents will be upon us, so let's shout and yell and clap as loud as we can today! I'm dying to know when Sole Monkey arrives!

  2. Yes, shout out as loud as you can to your little star while he appreciates it! At that age, mom is the greatest thing on earth! Not so in the coming years. Even standing next to their parents causes acute embarrassment once they hit the teen years. Ah well, it's just a part of life...

    I love the donkey costume. Your boy is adorable!

  3. Your son is so cute! I'm sure you are a proud momma and you should be. Enjoy these years...they grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday that mine were doing the Christmas pageants. Where does the time go?

    I have not seen anything about the movie Nativity....must not be playing in Texas.

  4. A precious donkey. That must've been so enjoyable!

  5. Nativity - just the best.

    We've been regaled with "rudolph has a cold - sniff snuff....' for the last three weeks. Wonderful; times to cherish.


  6. Thirty year's worth of Nativities under my belt and they can still bring a tear to my eye.

  7. He's such a cutey. All our kids are teens now. Miss those days of school plays and holiday wide eyed wonder.

  8. Does Jesus know his mother rode in on Eeyore? Makes the story even more mystical. I hope Pooh was there too, he IS my favorite!

    I know exactly the pride you feel. At least he isn't embarrassed by you. You have to love sons!
    My son at 19 still is proud to have me woo-hoo at his gigs. My 15 yr. daughter is mad when I say 'good morning'
    Hugs girlfriend

    PS Thanks for the warm welcome to the Avenue!

  9. How cute is the little man in his donkey suit! And glad that both you and your son had a good time. Children Play might be your thing. Go ahead and see where it leads you.

    Thank you for the supportive comment re my "arty" break through. I do need a bit of cheering at this very early learning stage. Thanks again for being such wonderful blogging friend! :)

  10. oh, that's so cute :)) he's such a handsome young man isn't he, like his mumma :)) isn't it the proudest moment when your kid does a great performance on stage :) (even if they'd forgotten lines or crying the whole way... it's still a great performance!) i had a similar experience, cos llara had her school concert last month :)) well done!!

  11. Aw he looks adorable!! I remember my son (he's 17 now) one year was cast as Joseph in the nativity and he spent the whole time playing with the donkey's ears!!

  12. Oh I love these moments and you had to feel SO proud!! Congratulations to you and your son!


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