Friday, 11 December 2009

Imagination roaming

Maybe it's because I have a good imagination, because I allow my dreams free wing, or perhaps just because I get bored easily... Whatever the reason, I can see more clearly now why I was so ready for this change of direction in my life.

I've talked in previous posts about tribes and the new movement of New Brand Tribalism I am so interested in. I've been reading more on the subject this week and am understanding why it resonates so clearly with me and my Muse. It's about not being afraid of rocking the status quo. In fact, the more you shake and disturb the better...

Take this piece of art for example. At school I was a sheep. I did what I was told unquestioningly. When Mr Bailey said paint landscapes because you're good at that and they always come up in the exam, that is exactly what I did. (There wasn't a landscape option in the exam, but that's another story!). I would never have dreamed of producing anything like this and for decades after A levels I still only ever painted landscapes. I would doubtless have been told this wasn't 'proper art'. I'm certainly more proud of this than any piece I produced at school. This is an expression of my imagination. It comes from the heart and soul. I never had the guts or even comprehension that life could be like this. I have been a sheep for far too long. I am casting off my woollen comfort blanket and running free on the fells.

Sounds a bit mad I know. I've been thinking, maybe my last job, the one I hated, was in a strange way the a good thing for my career. It required me to be a sheep and I finally realised that I was no longer capable of bleating and following tails. I want to be the wolf! I looked at the rules and I didn't believe in them any more. I like to challenge, in fact I love to challenge and I want to make a difference. I know there is another way, there are other believers not afraid to let their imagination roam and 'colour outside of the lines'.

This post was doubly inspired. The picture by Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge - 'Imagination' and the words by Seth Godin's Tribes which I am nearly through reading. I had planned two separate posts but as I was thinking what to write about the art, the whole thing fell into place. I realised that my imagination is one of my most powerful assets. I just haven't used it enough up to now because I was too busy being a sheep.
Artwork started as acrylic on watercolour paper. I then transferred a magazine image which is the right hand side of the face. I drew in the left eye and the rest of the mouth and jaw line. I collaged and added more acrylic. I used soft and oil pastels and did a bit of printing and I flicked some paint about a bit.

Back to Seth... Have a look and listen...

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  1. oh man! this piece is absolutely intriguing! i just love the way the face stares out at you, with so many hidden secrets!

    as to being a sheep ... i bet all of us have had this experience at some point in our lives. this is so "institution" isn't it? some so thrive in this situation, unfortunately we do not belong to this group of people :) and proud of it :p

  2. lol Lisa you could never a wolf best you could be brave but a wolf cant see it :) me on the other hand .....

  3. Lisa, if you were ever a sheep, you have left it behind now! Congratulations on breaking up with the job you disliked; it's a difficult leap but all in all a good thing.

    I love this piece. The soft colors are beautiful and it makes you wonder what is going on in the girl's mind.

  4. I love this piece. It is as if she is looking straight at me and I really want to know what she is thinking. I just stopped taking painting lessons because in my class I felt everything had to look a certain way and I want to create from the heart not from following someone else's directions.

  5. This is so beautiful, love all the layering and the way the face reamins central throughout all the colors and layers.

  6. Wonderful piece - they're so haunting, those eyes! Just goes to show, Mr Bailey knew nothing!!

  7. I am always drawn to pinks and reds, but I especially like the expression(s) on her face. She seems demure at first, then more wide-eyed. Very evocative piece.

  8. you do absolutely beautiful art! i love the layering & of course.... the eyes!

  9. Those who can't...teach.

    I love the way she has 2 sides, one foot on earth and one in the clouds...way to be, I say.

    This is beats a landscape any day, for me.

  10. Ok, I freaking LOVE this post and your whole frame of mind!
    And the NON-sheep art - Gorgeous and brilliant!

    Sorry I've been away so long...going to check out your tribe links!

  11. Stunning! So lovely!~~~XXOO, Beth

  12. Gorgeous picture so many layers of emotion, they eyes seem like they are always on you. Such talent to create that I don't naturally have thank you for sharing.


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