Thursday, 2 September 2010


Meet Concerto - my finished sketch from Sunday. I know it is a most ridiculous name for the poor girl, but it's the first word that popped in my head (well, I was listening to a spot of Rachmaninov at the time). I've been playing with my Inktense pencils and they are like.... really.... intense... man....

They remind me a little of magic colouring books I had when I was wee lass. An image was printed on the paper and you painted just with water and revealed colour! It was almost as much fun as painting by numbers - why did they never give you enough paint?

I thought at first that Concerto may be Mexican (owing to the influence of the vast quantities of this cuisine I've been scoffing lately), but those green eyes could only be Irish. What do you think?

If the phrase 'Mexican food' has you immediately craving quesadillos, then you must check out this cookbook by Thomasina Miers. I have my head buried in it (and my mouth enjoying the fruits thereof) most days...


  1. she's Irish with an Italian name! hehee...

    I love reading you....your writing style is humorous and fun!

    like, intense ... man! 2 funny!

    and your eloquently written comment to my blog today was so sweet!

    thanks again for gracing me with your words!

    ciao bella


  2. She is beautiful. Love the simply design in her shirt and her eyes are incredible.

    And hey...I remember those magical colouring books as well!! :)

  3. I remember those coloring books! Such fun,I was always so excited to get a new one. I love Concerto,especially those eyes.

  4. I love her eyes and hair. I do believe that she has a Mexican mother and an Irish father.

    I had those coloring books too. It was like magic to see the colors appear!


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