Wednesday, 1 September 2010


First to share is the winner of my giveaway. Without further ado, I turn to the randomo generatio machinio (not sure why it's called that, but it sounded fancier).

Drum roll please....

Hear it whirr into life and those numbers begin to rattle around inside.....

25 entries plus 1 extra for Paula as she was actually my 200th follower!

And the winner is....
Well done you. Do you want to drop me a line with your email and we can do the address thing.


Now there was another side to my giveaway - I wanted something in return and you gave in bucketfuls - artistic inspiration.

I'm rather chuffed with myself. What a cracking idea to ask you to share your most admired artists. I've been on a virtual gallery tour all week and have been whisked on a whimsical journey into the imaginations of some very talented creatives.

I'd like to share a couple of my personal favourites from your suggestions, plus a few of my own. I do love how a visit to one site takes you to another, and another. It reminds me of popping into the National Gallery just to look at the Canalettos for five minutes and suddenly finding myself 10 rooms in and immersed in a Van Gogh!

Why not click on a link or two and allow these artists and their muses to show you around a gallery or two. You can also click back to the comments of my giveaway post and follow the other recommendations too.

(c) Henry Asencio

Henry Asencio paints vibrant and contemporary figures with a freedom of brush stroke that breathes life into his works. This link takes you to his work as shown on Vinings Gallery. If you pop along to their home page, you'll find many more talented artists. Including:

(c) Charles Dwyer

Charles Dwyer. Now, this his is a direction I wish to travel with my mixed media work. I would love to spend a day or two observing him at work. Or maybe mix him with a little of...

(c) Teresa Magel

Teresa Magel, whose dreamy portaits I came across on Onessimo Fine Art from where you can find yet more talent and inspiration like...

(c) Jennifer Scott McLaughlin

Jennifer Scott McLaughlin whose wild and seemingly carefully considered flower doodles. Surely fairies live among these florals... Which leads me on nicely to:

Celtic Photography (Angela Jayne Barnett); if you believe in fairies, maybe you should take a peek and step or two through this door... I think it could very well be quite magical!



  1. THANKYOU!! Lisa I am super-thrilled...thankyou So much for your generous and beautiful gift of you art...I will treaure this!
    Yay..hoooray...I won!!

  2. Wow! Great links Lisa... particularly appealing (to moi!) are Henry and Charles. I must inestigate!
    I haven't been watching Secret Britain consciously, but I think the palette knife lends itself so well to blending. On the plus side, it's also my most rapid tool!!

  3. Congratulations Kiki!!! And thanks to you, Lisa, for the wonderful links ~~ great art here!

  4. Ahhhh, you put Henry up. I think I stared at his originals for about 4 hours total while on vacation in Oahu. They are amazing, the color, the texture, the sensuality. He always uses the back of his brush to do squiggly things in his thick oil paints. The original I wanted was nine grand. but worth every penny!

  5. Hey, congrats to your lucky winner AND I'm here to stop by and let you know you're the third place winner in my giveaway, whoot! So please stop by my blog when you have a moment to see how to collect ~ thanks!

  6. Congratulations to Kiki! and Thank You Lisa for introducing me to Teresa Magel!! I think I have a new favorite artist!


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