Sunday, 5 September 2010

Suzi Sketches

Yes, it's another girl face - just call me a stuck record. But hey, I like drawing girlie faces and this was part of my homework for my Suzi mermaid class. As soon as they appear on screen from the scanner I always seem to spot bits I want to change - more intense shading required this time.

I know what you're thinking though. She doesn't look much like a mermaid. She appears to be missing vital body components like, well, a body for a start. And her colouring seems a little too lifelike. Well, this is just face sketching practice. We move onto scales and seashades next... Can't wait!

When my son likes one of my girls he tends to kiss them. He's romantically advanced for his six years. If I mention the name of his current classroom love, he comes over all wistful looking, pops his head on one side and sighs as if awestruck by her beauty and charm. Fortunately his love is requited. I have a little love note she wrote him to keep for posterity. She writes that she loves him and he is her best 'frend'. It's so sweet and adorable.

I'm posting this for Sunday Sketches. Do feel free to pop along and join in. I finished last week's and posted if you wanted to see.


  1. She is lovely. Obviously your son thinks so too! That is so funny that he does this! My youngest is girl crazy for sure! In three years he will officially be allowed to date... how will he choose for he seems to love something about all the girls in his class! ? lol.

  2. ahh...she's dreamy as she is ... mermaid or not :)
    and your son is totally adorable... they are so cute at this age, so innocent and true to nature. my little one keeps on telling me she wants to marry this one little boy in class until they fight of course ... then the "ask the police to catch him" phrase comes into play :) KIDS!

  3. Yay..she is striking and fabulous..her eyes and expression enchant me...she is beautiful..that is SO cute about your sweet! I kiss my paintings too..everyone needs some love!

  4. Mermaids don't have human coloring?!? I didn't realize. She is beautiful and lovely and all pretty things i wish there were new names for.

    Your son. There aren't words for that magic either.

    PS; I always thought the name of your blog was so smart. And witty. Just like you.
    The Wright Stuff. For sure.

  5. ahh that's so sweet about ur son - how adorable :o) i wish i could draw as neatly as you - i love ur delicate touch with those pencils. u asked about my drawing... ordinary biro and a bad photograph with the brightness and contrast zapped up to max! nice to hear from you and will check out the sunday sketches link (sounds interesting) x

  6. Gorgeous lips. I love her coloring. What coloring do mermaids have? Also, can't wait to see what you do with scales.
    I love that story about your son...young love is so sweet.
    Concerto came about beautifully. Her hair is extremely amazing!
    Happy Sunday

  7. Love your girl. I'm taking susi's mermaid class too but I don't post. I have'nt really done much yet. Such a sweet story about your son!

  8. ~morning...your new background looks wonderful! and she is beautiful as always...i can't wait to see her evolve into a charming mystical amaze me when you say ..."a sketch!" as for your little...enough to melt ones heart...ever so sweet...and brings back such fond childhood memories...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  9. Oh so DeLovely! So is your little man!!! Squeeze him tightly at night so as to slow down the growing process. Mine is now 6'3". **blows kisses** Deb

  10. She's going to make a beautiful mermaid! Love the story about your little guy! **sigh** They grow up so quickly. I'm glad you've kept the little love note - what a precious treasure! Hugs, Terri

  11. I love seeing your girl faces. That is what I do for the most part too, but then again I am in Suzi's class as well. Though I still want to be working on goddess and poet from last class, have not done one thing for mermaids yet.

    I do the same thing, scan my art and see every thing that I could not see before, so interesting.

    It is wonderful to see your girl, she is lovely.
    and the story about your son is just so adorable! Thank you for sharing that.

  12. Ooh, she is just beautiful! Really gorgeous shading on her face. Faces are my favorite, they always capture me more than anything else. That is such a cute story about your little boy too!! :) ~Lauren

  13. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Dance Like David page... I knew she wasn't finished, but now I am satisfied! Hugs

  14. your new sketch is really good! I took Suzi's class for faces and loved it!

  15. I think she is beautiful. I love how powerful her eyes are...really draws one in.

  16. I love her eyes and her mouth is really gorgeous Lisa! I'm kinda stuck on girls too least we are having fun. so cute about your little man...


  17. Another great start - Can't wait to see seashades!

    "Concerto" turned out beautifully. I love the intensity... name, color & look in her eyes!

  18. I like her face, she has character and seems to want to come out of the pages

    thanks for your visit to my sunday sketch


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