Sunday, 26 September 2010

Filling the well

I've been soaking up the sun and feeding my soul with inspiration. I've sat in pavement cafes, savoured the soothing sensations of sweet and creamy ices and climbed tall towers. I was supposed to back here today spouting lyrical paintbrush in one hand, keyboard under the other... but you know what... maybe I need a little time to digest and allow the thoughts to regroup (some rest might not be a bad idea either!).

In the meantime I leave you with the beginning of my Valencian door obsession which became somewhat uncontrolled and led me to some Spanish secrets. More on this soon I promise.... I'll leave you to your imaginations as you ponder what's behind this one.

Back shortly...


  1. Lisa!! yay..enjoy your wonderful adventures...may you be enchanted with many new inspirations..and many more magical doors beckoning to you! Love that photo..gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by too!
    I am so enjoying your your beautiful painting, it looks lovely in my home..

    enjoy your time dream create!!!

  2. Wonderful door that holds promise of great things behind it.

  3. ~oh i can't wait to see what you have discovered and what you will unlock for us...hhhmmm what lies behind this door is a mystery to me! i l♥ve the work on the windows...i wish we had craftsmen~women who still made such pieces...simply gorgeous...i wish you a day full of rest and relaxation....welcome home and blessings always~

  4. Sounds like when the door opens we are going to be delighted by your inspirations...can't wait. enjoy some down time, today! xxoo

  5. enjoy yourself and keep us up on your adventure. i did my sketch challenge this week and it's the one you did last week, i'll post yours again on wednesday with the others...i didn't do too bad this time!
    thanks for your inspiration!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing what's behind the door. Enjoy your rest. We all need it sometimes to recharge.

  7. Enjoy! Sometimes a break from the norm is just what we need! And what, I wonder, is behind that door.......

    looking forward to reading more!

    Ro xx


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