Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Art in the making

This art every day for a month game could put unnecessary pressure on an already fraught girl; but I remain mindful of my words of wisdom to others... It isn't a contest, it's learning for yourself what the discipline of creating every day can give you. And, above all, we don't need to create masterpieces. The experience is totally about us. I just happen to choose to share my attempts daily on my blog.

So today, we don't have painting or drawing because frankly I ran out of steam where they are concerned - and I have been slaving at the pc at work all day! Instead, just a few experimental photos of the implements that help me create. I love happy accidents. For reasons best known to itself, my camera just wouldn't focus properly this evening. Undaunted, I went with the flow.

I also added a little je ne sais quoi in my darling PhotoShop.

My experimental art teacher Amelia would be very proud!

PS - I really should get some clean water for my brushes!!


  1. Wise words, and cool photos indeed!

  2. Great fuzzy photos. I often drink the paintwater and use my coffee or cola for painting - not intentionally! Valerie

  3. Your out-of-focus photographs are works of art in themselves. I know of Amelia, I sometimes read her blog and she provides ideas of how to ''get going'' on her blog too. She is full of ideas that she is prepared to share. I know we all are, but that is her job. I think she is brilliant!
    The swirliness of your photos is lovely! And I agree, you can't be doing art all the time, but sitting back and taking stock of our tools as you have done here is a necessary part of the process of creating.
    Sorry this is such an epistle...now I can catch my breath...phewww!!
    Have a good day!
    Gwen xx

  4. Art every day is a really good idea. One blogger, can't remember which one though, is creating one face a day for her journal. She says she has been able to discipline herself and achieve much growth by this project. Anxious to see what all you create each day-of course you may not want to post every day.

  5. LOVE the photos....great inspiration for a painting for you for sure. I get the challenge you are under. It's like the 40 pieces challenge. It isn't about the end product, it's about the quick exploration and the discovery that unhampered creativity can teach us as artists. :)

  6. Awesome post...sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy a little "unfocused" time. Great post!

  7. Too true about the learning, thats pretty much my conclusion with the Nanowrimo thing. Great photos, I love the effects you have given to them. Much love Jennibellie xx

  8. Never saw an unfocused photo look so good. It's only day 8 and I've also had to remind myself it's not a competition and if I miss a day it's not the end of the world. But...... so I find myself doing a little something even if I don't feel well because it's also about the momentum. Kind of like dieting or exercise....if I stop for a couple days, it's really hard to get motivated again. So we move forward.

  9. Your attitude about art everyday is perfect, Lisa. A gift for ourselves indeed.
    Art on, wonderful One !

  10. After a week, I´m kind of starting to feel the preassure of an every day thing added to my already full diary but I´m not giving up yet. :D
    I use very little water because I change it so much. And I also have a clear water glass to damp my brush for watercolour pencils.

  11. I like the fuzzy pictures. It's better than I can do:))You always do a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Those fuzzy pictures could be a great background for something. Or stand on their own. I love accidents as well, becasue often enough they turn something comepletely new up.

  13. Your pictures are creative art- great behind the scenes, and I love them.

  14. It is hard to miss a day... and you haven't with these magic photos... the top one is very cool and I love the fuzziness... I was feeling pretty flat the other day, but feeling like I can get somewhere today... mind you that might bot last... hope you feel refreshed tomorrow xx

  15. You mean it's not a contest? There's no prize? *sob*

    I've been struggling to find a lot of time this week, but need to do 'something'.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be kinder to us all :)

  16. i hear you.

    i wanted to do the art everyday month thing, but most days i don't COmplete anything -i just work on it.
    i wasn't sure that anyone wanted to see my
    wips all month long :)))

    it IS a lot of pressure.

    no doubt.

    i'm totally ocd about my brushes.

    gotta wash those guys right away.

    imma come to your house and clean your brushes.

    i'm the clean brush nazi.

    not that you care... but i've had wine, so in my mind.. everything i say is incredibly fascinating.

    p.s have you heard about this thing where you write a novella in november? i'm not going to join in - the site was complicated and asked for donations, but it would be cool to organize something like that for the new year and encourage people to just write it.

    why am i telling you this?


  17. Cool photos - your water looks like my water :)

    I think your "staying power" has been terrific! More than I could ever commit to. Kudos! xxoo

  18. Yes, it is challenging ~ art everyday ~ fun photos of exploring ~ thanks ~hanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) w/AEDM ^_^

  19. Happy Accidents!!!
    And I finally had a chance to look over all of the portraits you've been doing...and when I got to the last I said "oh!" out loud...she is so cool with her snow leopard-ness. And I love the red! When I saw that that was the one that reminded you of me, kinda I was so flattered.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. And I think I have your address...in my address book, oddly enough :)


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