Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hormones and other distractions

Funny things really, hormones. At least I'm attributing these 'mythical creatures' to how I feel today - either that or I'm slowly losing my grip on reality. One minute I feel like I'm falling into a pit of despair, then the next I'm bouncing around like Tigger on Speed and laughing just for the sheer joy of the sound. Luckily for yours truly and indeed everyone around me, the latter is the more prevalent emotion. It may be a bit tiring for them to cope with but at least I'm attempting to bring joy!

My energy levels spike and dip as and when they feel like it. Lately I seem to be full of beans just as it's time to go to bed, then deep in another world when the alarm starts singing seemingly five minutes later.

I've also got ideas racing round my head jostling for pole position - there's a voice inside giving a running commentary ...

"Yes, and she's just remembered she was supposed to go on Twitter last night and engage in conversation with attendees from the conference; it looks like we have a clear winner.... but hold on... what's that? It's Hootsuite coming up on the left - it's pushing its way through.... oh no, they've both spun off leaving the field open for Art Every Day - is there time to post yesterday's progress before the 9am finishing line when it's time to start work.....?"

By the way... has anyone noticed that the sky is missing? We've had a proper pea-souper fog for days. What if someone has stolen the stars and moon?

PS - the mood I'm in this painting is in danger of turning into something very different by this time tomorrow. Best make the most of her (and her) while you can!


  1. Hormones. They muddy everything up! lol

  2. whatever you want to call it, the ups and downs are definitely a part of the journey. otherwise a flatline consistent kind of life would probably be boring anyway! :) happy aedm!

  3. Ah the joys of hormones. At least you don't get migraines with the hormonal tides! :-)

  4. This is fabulous and beautiful. I walked through your blog and I am very surprised about all the wonderful work you have created. More than beautiful.
    Lovely greet from Holland

  5. Hmmm, I have days like that, but I can't blame my hormones.

    The painting is interesting, and I'm intrigued to see what becomes of it.

    P.S. the sky is back, and shining straight in my eyes :)

  6. Bloody hormones have caused me all sorts over havoc over the past year and a half. You have my sympathy.

    Your painting is looking pretty good now. I wonder how it will finish.

    ~ Serena :)

  7. Love this painting - really tricky getting the reflection but you have it just right!

    Hormones - had everything out 7 years ago and have been cheering ever since haha!!!!

  8. Ooh - I love a good cliffhanger... I can't wait to see what you have in store for this beauty (perhaps a bit of "hoosming"?!?)


  9. I love a good hormone rollercoaster because then you can blame everything on it... what am I going to do when it is all over... worried that then I will just be a psycho cow... embrace your excuses while I have em is my mantra!!!

  10. Isn't it great being a girl?! Haha!

  11. Ah; yes - the hormones! I remember them well :) Love the start of your painting. xxoo

  12. Oh those darn hormones! I am in menopause hell which is quite the rollercoaster! I do love this piece!! Just great! :)

  13. stars and moon are in place I saw them on monday night... hormones... no worries, this too shall pass...xo

  14. Hmmm intriguing, what are you going to do with her? Yeah it could have been stolen your right - this time last year we were snowed in though so I'm happy as long as I see it again before summer lol. Thanks for sharing, Jennibellie x


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