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Yesterday I wrote on my to do list for the week - set 2012 goals. For the past 3 years I have had at the back of my mind 'write a book', but you know how it is. What kind of goal is that to send out into the Universe? What kind of book? What about? It's woollier than a Alpaca wearing a sheepskin overcoat.

Did anything happen? Did I sign a deal with a publisher? No.

I did get to meet one of my favourite authors - Lisa Jewel. I have made contact with people who've written their own books... All teensy tiny steps in the right direction.

I also paint a lot of pictures on old book pages (here's one up top that I prepared earlier!).

I write a lot of blog posts. I write blog posts for other people. I write articles and award submissions. I am a writer.

But none of the above has actually got me a book deal. It's not going to come down the chimney with Santa next month. It will require some effort on my part.

The Universe was getting very fed up with me so clearly decided I needed a cattle prod in the right direction.

This lunchtime I wandered onto Twitter and followed a link from Susannah Conway. She's interviewing Danielle La Porte (who I've dipped into a little recently - she's on my 'one to investigate further' list). It transpires that Danielle, together with Linda Sivertsen is running a workshop on how to write a book proposal. It's called Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. But it's so much more than that ... Read more here, but here's some blurb from the website.

•A self- and career-inquiry process that gets to the grit of why and what you need to write, plus target audience clarification, self-promotion + pitching exercises, and a bevy of creative-hermit practices.

•Techniques to capture the content that is…your life. Because your book has already been written — in your client work, blog posts, email chains + cafe conversations. We’ll show you how to spin your “undiscovered work” into gold.

•Strategies for building your platform as your create your product.

•Empowering lessons for rolling with rejection, hearing your muse, and gathering testimonials.

•A pro’s + cons drill-down of traditional vs. self-publishing options — with been-there insights from both sides. Timely, no?

•10 (Sexy + Thrilling) Ways To Finish The Damn Book—because writer’s block isn’t in our vocabulary, and the finish line is closer than you think.

•8+ hours of audio + video interviews with agents and high-profile authors
To say I was a little bit excited was something of an understatement. Here is that exact kick up the bottom I needed. I signed up quicker than a cheetah trying to break the land speed record!

And for the record, I've now committed to it here on my blog - Universe... Are you listening? I'm working on it!! Promise!
I have to dash... I'm on lunchbreak and need to get back to work...
I'm very excited!!

PS: Posting for Art Every Day Month - I had to name her Susannah as a thank you for being right there at exactly the right time!


  1. Well, you've done it now, and in front of all these witnesses ;)

    Good luck with the book, and maybe you could use Susannah as your cover art when it's published :)

  2. Good luck and I know you will reach your goal. You have that passion and it WILL happen!

  3. Good luck and I know you will reach your goal. You have that passion and it WILL happen!

  4. :) making the portraits on book pages didn't get the job done?

    shit. you mean my book won't be magically written while i lay awake thinking about doing it?


  5. Congratulations Lisa! You've put it out there, now I know you will get it done! Hugs and blessings
    I love the drawing on the book page!

  6. Overdue in saying this, but I really love your faces! And good for you, announcing this to the Universe! I should probably check out that workshop, too--a book has been sitting on my list too long, as well.

  7. Hooray for the push from the Universe...and to you for taking the plunge!!!

    We are your witnesses ;P
    Now go get 'em!

    Lovely painting, btw...I like that it looks as though she has horns :)

  8. Beautiful art..and keep shining.. follow your bliss.

  9. No wonder you are excited, you are on the cusp of an amazing adventure.....so much to look forward to. Thanks for all the links, I did follow them through. Your beautiful girl is full of character and style:)

  10. The course sounds amazing... I love writing and I have been admiring that you do it for a living... but this sounds like you are going to go on to even bigger and greater things... how exciting to find a course that sounds just perfect.... always think that these things find us just when we need them and can't wait to follow the progress xx

  11. I knew this was coming to you way! Go for it dear friend. Been waiting for your book for a while. Hurrah! :)

  12. Oh; I just know you'll write that book! Sending positive thoughts. It's a lot of work but it will be worth it!

  13. Now this is so exciting!!! I for one cannot wait to see what you write - so enjoy reading you here so a book would be a real treat!!!

    You go girl!!!

    Smiles and hugs!


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