Thursday, 5 August 2010


A confession. Prior to starting my blog and rediscovering the soothing power of a paint pot, I spent much of the previous couple of years immersed in a fantasy fiction and living out the words I was reading in the world of the MMO (massively multiplayer online game).

OK, it’s time to admit it. I have been a gaming geek. I did inhabit another world where my alter-ego 'Bobricka' ran amok among the goblins and orcs slaying and fighting her way through Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings online MMO (LOTRO). Yes, I did live life as an Elf Loremaster wielding a mighty staff and followed by a trail of animal friends only to willing to sacrifice themselves for my safety.

Bobricka, or Bobs as she is known to her friends wasn't the most skillful of her kind unfortunately. She also boasted an alarming tendency to both get lost or cast entirely the wrong spell in the heat of battle. But what she lacked in technical ability, she more than made up for in enthusiasm and general willingness to be in the thick of adventure.

I do occasionally dust her off and take her for a run around. At the moment she's in her house waiting for her next play date - horse munching on the rich grass outside. She's been trying on her numerous outfits - somewhat unbelievably she actually qualified as a tailor - an irony that never ceases to make me smile since I am useless with a needle myself.

Now, at this point, you are either wondering if I have lost the plot entirely or are jumping around excitedly eagar to tell me about your tank in WOW, Hox in Conan or Guild Wars Elementalist. The world of the MMO is a strange one. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

I adore fantasy fiction too. If a book boasts a dragon or two then I’m in, if portals exist between dimensions then take me there and if magic whispers on the wind then whisk me with it! I even have the first couple of chapters of my own attempt languishing, ignored in a deep dark corner of my pc.

It was the excuse to disappear back in fantasyland that prompted me to set 'other worlds' for the prompt on the Inspiration Avenue challenge this week. I really wanted to try painting an elf, so this was the perfect excuse. Aside from the pointy ear, I tried to give her a look of nobility - the possessor of ancient knowledge, a connection to nature and the spirits seen through her eyes.

She was created using the power of prismacolours, inktense and a few stamps.


  1. Oh My... Bobricka rocks!! She is mega-awesome!! Love her..she is such a beuaty too! Hope she comes out to play more and more!!
    Yay..that was a fun read...and magical too!

  2. You definitely achieved that look! I see nobility in her stance and whimsy in her spirit.


  4. And she is Fantasy-o-rif-ic!
    You are the creator of Bobricka...the earth moves:)
    Let the gaming commence.

  5. wow, love those inktense pencils!! lovely!

  6. Bobricka is very cool and I love your post!!

  7. haha you're cute! Well, I'll confess with you. I used to be caught up in the online gaming (fantasy) world for awhile, too. Girl, it was hard breaking that habit, but it did prove to be a healthy one! :) hee hee

    Love the elf artwork. Keep it up!! :)


  8. OMG this is amazing.
    So wonderful painting. Great work Lisa.

  9. Hehehe. This Bobs reads as your alter ego. :) My only addiction is FarmVille on FB. :) Now, go back to your chapters and dust them off. It's time you finish them. :)

  10. she is AWESOMENESS personified! that look in her eyes ... ever searching for an adventure! just my cuppa tea :)

    HAH!! finally!! i knew it! i knew you were an elf too ... i wonder if we're ever met in battle or rather fought together?!

    anyhow ... mae govannen bobricka!

  11. you had mentioned you had an elf on your mind, and you made her. She is enchanting. I believe you succeeded in making her all you wanted her to be.

  12. Super cool! I love it. You are amazing and fun:-)

  13. She is beautiful and I love the colours. Her pointy ears are great, very pointy indeed! I will have to hide this post from my daughter as she is so into all this! She is totally obsessed with LOTR and playing games on line, I would never get to the computer at all! 80))

  14. Well you learn something new everyday - that's what they say anyways - and today I learned this about you, WOW, never would have known!! I can see you be right at home though, you have the richest imagination I've ever encountered! Gorgeous creation from a beautiful artist♥♥


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