Friday, 20 August 2010

Happy spells

Well, it's Friday and tradition has it that I write a Happy Friday post.

I am sitting here with quite a glow about me. Following on from Wednesday's declaration to start exercising again I am fresh from quite a workout. My joints have been a-creaking and a-groaning but it felt so good. Those muscles sure needed a stretch. I had intended to start on Wednesday but work was a bit too busy to take time out at lunch, then we went out in the evening. Yesterday I left the house at 7.15am and returned at the same time pm and crawled over the doorstep, so no leaping about last night! Excuses I know... I shall have to be stricter with my time management and not allow complete and utter exhaustion to get the better of me! Ha! Some hope...

I remember when Fridays meant wild nights out. These days it's usually a struggle to stay awake past 10 o'clock. I can't even enjoy a glass of wine without it knocking me out.

I'll tell what put a spring in my step this week though. I was thrilled to bits to be featured on Victoria Pettella's art blog - Enchanting the Invisible. She put me in her creative spotlight. I feel quite humbled to be such illustrious company. Victoria (aka Kiki) paints mystical figures and weaves enhanchments with her words.

Have you read 'Garden Spells' by Sarah Addison Allen? I really think you should... It's quite magical - just remember never to eat any of those apples though! I've had my nose immersed in it all week just before bedtime. I could probably have finished it much sooner, but I was enjoying my nightly excursion to Bascom so much that I wanted to prolong my little holiday for as long as possible. Can anyone recommend anything similar?

I posted a giveaway yesterday to spread my happy, so do join in if you are interested. I'm inviting for you to share one (or more!) of your favourite artists to help feed my voracious appetite for inspiration and creative loveliness.
I took this picture last summer, but it seemed perfect for this post - I added a few spells in photoshop :)


  1. Lisa!!...hugs..thankyou for your kind beautiful generous words..I am so are amazing! You have cast a huge sparkle in my heart..thanks again!
    Beautiful post and photo..and ok apples for me!I'll take your word!

  2. I love your Happy Friday posts.
    And that is a totally beautiful piect of art.
    I'd hang that on my wall in a minute!

  3. Hi Lisa, Sounds like you could use a little vacation. Thank you for the links I will check them out and see where they lead me.

  4. I know what you mean about friday nights. Its funny how things change. I used to look forward to them and going out till 2 in the morning but now I'm like you I can't stay up past watching the news and sometimes thats hard to do. Going to read your other post about the giveaway.

  5. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your kind words.

    I love the photo at the top and the title is wonderful.

    I haven't read Garden Spells yet but it's on my must read list. I'm currently reading The Girl from Legare Street, the second in a fairly new series by Karen White. The first is called The House on Tradd Street. The books are set in Charleston, SC amid historic preservation and ghostly visions. The writing isn't stellar by any means but the books are fun reads and a nice place to get lost in, especially if you've ever been to Charleston- my fav. US city. :)

  6. So glad you're able to start your exercise program...all the creaking will start to go away soon. Congrats on being in the Creative Spotlight--you deserve it. Happy weekend!

  7. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you started on your exercise program. It is hard to get it all in but taking care of ourselves is so important. I will look up Garden Spells. I need something good to read. I have met Karen White the author Rebecca is talking about. We have a wonderful bookstore in town and she has been there several times for book signings and just to talk about being an author. I have really enjoyed listening to her talk. Have a wonderful week.

  8. I loved this part!: "I remember when Fridays meant wild nights out. These days it's usually a struggle to stay awake past 10 o'clock. I can't even enjoy a glass of wine without it knocking me out." ..Oh, how I can relate! And also to the part that I really need to start at least walking again, for exercize! It's been SO hot and humid here this summer, I just can't go outside like I'd rather do! I'm glad I stopped by today. I'm attempting to keep up with blogs I like, but it's getting more difficult, the more great ones I find! :)

  9. I've not heard of "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen, but you've got my attention now! :) I will have to check it out this afternoon.

    Hope you have a super weekend! :)

  10. I was so thrilled to see you featured this week as well ~ utterly deserving, you are!
    My heart goes out to you as I know the long hours you keep and hope that lets up a bit for you. Now if I could just muster up the energy to join you in working out, ugh! Kudos to you though ~ very proud!

  11. The spells jugs in your collage are definitely enchanting and magical looking. So well done.

    I don't want to say much about the exercise because I'm feeling guilty as I read how you are really staying with it.

    Those days of looking forward to a big night out on Friday night have long been gone for me. Now, a good Friday night is wine, dinner and my art.

    Have a fun weekend~

  12. ah you are so inspiring, exercise, reading, to bed early.... and congrats on Kiki featuring you!

  13. That is so great the exercising is helping you feel good. I LOVE Sarah Addison Allen!! You should read her other two, Sugar Queen and The Girl Who Chased the Moon. They are fabulous!

  14. Ok, I've written down Sarah Addison Allen's name in my "to read" list - am always looking for good books. And lately I've gotten into books on tape in my studio - not when I'm planning things out, because then I need to concentrate, but when I'm actually painting I like listening to stories.
    Congratulations on the feature in Kiki's blog -I enjoyed seeing it, appreciating what she had to say about you. Have a great week, and keep up the exercise. It really does feel great when we finally get into a routine.

  15. Congrats on your feature with kiki! That must be so fun to have someone show you off a bit! So glad you really dived into the exercise thing - I have been thinking about you as I am undertaking some exercise myself! Ahhhh 41 comes with some creaks and groans!

    Love this pic, where was it taken?


  16. Thanks for sharing your happy. I went and took a peek at your feature, Congrats to you! Ah, exercise... That's on my list of things to get started on. Have a great week!

  17. congrats on being featured as a creative artist - that is awesome - I so love your photograph - reminds me of country living with a barn in the back yard....thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - I truly appreciate it~!~


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