Friday, 6 August 2010

Egg yolk

I haven't written a Happy Friday post for a few weeks - mainly because I've not exactly been my usual bouncing self. My writing this week has reflected the downturn in mood which swings with a temperamental wind. That's not really a great excuse is it? Makes me sound rather sulky!

I am, however, here writing for Happy Friday this week. I haven't exactly reversed completely out of the gloom but I have come to realise and appreciate just what I do have. When I wrote a post earlier this week sharing my feelings of overwhelm I was reminded just how valuable this wonderful online community is that I am a part of - the words of encouragement and support given by my fellow bloggers were just the lift I needed. I felt a part of a tribe and that's always a good, safe place to be. So let me just use this opportunity to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to you all.

Not only that but I have a loving family, I earn (just about!) enough and have time to play with my art. My life is full and happy.

Moving on, let's just share another little Friday Happy. I've just been dipping fresh bread cut from a loaf into egg yolk. Simple food. Simple pleasures. Rich egg yolk is one of the most comforting foods in existence - a life giver in every sense. Oh, and should I mention there was sizzling bacon on the plate too... and baked beans... all washed down with a nice cup of tea!


  1. Yay..thankyou for sharing this joyful moment of simple things! Wonderful! Wishing you bright blessings on your journey...soon the gloom will lift..and you will cross into the other blessings will unfold..and all will be well.
    I never heard of happy wonderful! Have a very happy one!

  2. yay!! happy friday to you too :) and yes ... egg yolks definitely!

  3. Yummy eggs! Glad you are in a better place, today.

  4. I had to laugh when I read the baked beans you added to your plate. While in the UK, I was amazed and surprised to see that all the English breakfasts I had always included baked beans? This is something we don't do in the states. Interesting how we have different customs all over the world.

    Have a fun day.

  5. I'm so glad that things turned around for you! A boiled egg and toast with a hot cup of tea is the perfect start to Happy Friday and it will let you sail into the weekend with a smile. Have a wonderful day and weekend too(O:

  6. I am so glad that things are turning around for you. It is wonderful to have such a great group of friends all over the world to not confide in and turn to for inspiration. Have a very happy week full of simple but special moments.

  7. Glad you're feeling better about things. I've been away for a week,so I'll go and read your other posts so I can catch up. Happy friday to you to. And now you got me in the mood for some eggs and bacon!

  8. Isn't it great to have this supportive tribe of bloggers who help us with the ups and downs? I too feel so grateful for the incredible bonds of friendship we can find here in the blogosphere. It is amazing! I'm going downstairs now to prepare a hearty breakfast. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I'd like to add a little hug too, knowing you have been a bit down lately makes us all want to share the love and form a virtual cocoon around you. Speaking of cocoons, my fave breaky with dad when I was a little lass was boiled egg and soldiers to dip in.

    BTW love your flower pics, happy week to you.

  10. Yum! I love your description of the egg yolk and bread. You don't have to be bouncy all the time. The lower moments have their messages to us too!Here's hoping you can flow with whatever energy is present and move through it beautifully.

  11. Yum ! I love soft egg and soldiers ! That is what my grandmother called it. I even have a sweet collection of egg cups that I have gathered along the way to make this breakie even more fun.
    Glad you found peace on this Friday, Lovely One. Here's to being in this beautiful-hard world together !

  12. As a child we called them "Chucky eggs and soldiers", dont ask why, haven't got a clue. It's still one of my favourite things to eat.
    Love to you x

  13. Realizing the ups and downs of any given week is the gift of Happy Friday. I can be grouchy and unreasonable and mad at the world but then I think "I need to write a post on Friday. What are the good things this week?" and I can think of tons of them. All very similar to yours, egg yolk and all. I know now that I don't need to feel quilty about being unhappy, just to remember that the world is a place with much reason for joy. I didn't really get that before. A toast to all of our complicated emotions, good or bad!! Have a great weekend.

  14. ~may i join you for a delectable breakfast...i could bring the tea and dessert! l♥ving thoughts and happy wishes upon you...may the wind blow out that tempermental mood and the sun shine down upon you filling you with an abundance of joyful feelings...much l♥ve lisa~

  15. Nothing like simple pleasures and I think eggs are a perfect food. You have inspired me to consider making the perfect boiled egg this weekend, awesome challenge!

    I hear you about the mood. I'm with you, haven't been very happy lately. New moon on Monday, time to let the darkness go. "And a fire dance through the night..." Sorry, couldn't help myself.

  16. I just ate supper and now I want breakfast!
    It sounds just like my breakfast with fish cakes instead of bacon...Hmmm...A trip to the cafe in the morning!
    You can share your down feelings and still be an amazing, inspirational person because you recognize the tremendous good. That you recognize shines through in your creative offerings...
    I hope this is a period of upswing for you.

  17. {just wanted to add I love your *sort of* self portrait}

  18. Happy Friday to you too. What a good opportunity to count our blessings.

  19. Yummmm I love eggs cooked just right too!
    Life IS great, isn't it?
    Everyone loses sight of that sometimes...a human flaw...glad to see you are looking up again.

  20. I have been playing a bit of catch-up and was sorry to hear you have been very down lately but I am also happy to hear that it is lifting a little for you and you can get back to yourself once again.

    I have missed my visits around my favourite blogs and seeing all the wonderful artwork you and my other arty crafty bloggers produce. I have to try and visit more often and I hope you are feeling happy and out of your gloom very soon.

    I love your self portrait by the way, totally fab!! 80))

  21. Sorry to hear you were feeling low Lisa, but glad that you're getting your joy for life back with the help of boiled eggs and toasty soldiers! Can't go wrong with proper nursery comfort food!

    Life is wonderful, never let circumstances or society convince you otherwise :)

  22. your energy amazes me and don't forget your enthusiasm, wow!
    i think of you often, don't forget about me, please!!!!
    for now or better said, i will be avoiding the "noise" a little bit ;-)


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