Thursday, 19 August 2010

A little celebration giveaway

I'm rather chuffed. I hit my 200th follower, well 201 now. Can't be bad.

As promised, I shall treat one lucky reader to a giveaway now I have achieved this somewhat historic milestone. Yes, I painted something especially for you. Before we go on to the entry criteria though I am afraid I shall subject you to more ramblings (you are of course free to skip to the end, but then who knows what you'll miss - there might be ice cream!).

So, we begin... It seems only natural at this point to spend some time reflecting on how far I've come since I started this 'little writing exercise' about 18 months ago. In the beginning, it was all about the writing. I wanted to write a novel, but they do take rather a long time and considerable effort. I discovered that penning a blog post was actually much simpler and satisfied my urge to create prose in a far shorter timeframe and word count. Then, suddenly people started finding my paragraphs, and... commenting on them! Here was some fun. I began to feel like I was writing my very own column in a daily paper - childhood dreams realised.

And while I was regressing back to youthful dalliances with literature, I was reminded of my love of illustration. No story was complete back then without a picture. A bunny here, a cute little cottage there with roses around the door. It was time to get my paints out again. I had forgotten the sheer unadulterated pleasure to be gained by creating. Over the years we seem to feel that we can't paint unless we're brilliant artists, but we couldn't be more wrong. For me painting, drawing, making and just creating is my soul food, my rocket fuel and this online forum for sharing and learning alongside like-minded individuals has been more inspiration than I ever could have wished for. I have to confess to being rather addicted to blogland. If I'm not writing my own, I'm hopping around others, sometimes taking a crazy route through a maze of links until I end up whole worlds away from where I started. I just love this magical exploration and all the treasures it unfolds. The writing and the art have become intrinsically linked.
Then, finding that people actually like my work and even claim to be inspired by it was truly a revelation but also just the encouragement needed to keep on creating, to push myself. I still see huge room for improvement but knowing that at least some people like what I do and enjoy my words is quite the creative tonic. Making friends and sharing the creative journey sure has proved to be a rich mine of happiness. Through these friendships I've been able to find the confidence to open my own Etsy shop, join groups, take courses and even set my own creative challenges for others. Membership of Inspiration Avenue for example provides a worldwide creative support network - and some great places to buy pretty things!

Taking the regular art challenges often forces me outside my comfort zone and sees me far more likely to complete something - the element of 'getting my homework done' is another childhood throwback I think! I always was such a girlie swot! I love pushing myself though.
I could ramble on for hours, but do pity my poor readers and wouldn't want to log on next time and find I've put half of you off...
So, without further ado let's explain how you can win. Just leave a comment and share with us one of your favourite artists - with a link if can. Simple as that. I'll draw the winner by random generator on 1st September.
'Every woman blossoms' started off as an interesting background. There's some newspaper, dribbled inks and lots of acrylics. Then the face began to take shape but she kept shifting and changing. At one point, she became Frida Kahlo, then, somewhat bizarrely Minnie Driver made an appearance. Finally she blossomed into her current incarnation.

Mixed media on canvas block - mainly acrylic with a bit of ink and some collage. Measures 12cm x 18cm.
And, if you like a giveaway then do pop over to Plumrose Lane for the chance to win some stunning jewellery. As a customer, I can highly recommend Sharon's wonderful creations. She currently has a closing down sale in her jewellery shop with up to 85% off. Pick yourself up a bargain friends. There's a link direct to the sale at the top of my blog.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your artistic transformation. Congrats on 202 followers!

    I admire the work of Claire Harrigan, an abstract artist.

    All right, random generator, pick me!!

  2. Congrats, Lisa! I'm enjoying following your creative journey and seeing the evolution of your art. I might have to have a beer in your honor. As for my favorite artist, here's a link to my post about her:

  3. Congrats, Lisa! I'm enjoying following your creative journey and seeing the evolution of your art. I might have to have a beer in your honor. As for my favorite artist, here's the link to my post about her.

  4. First off, I love your work and your extra special gift for writing. I'm a short and sweet type of writer.

    Congrats on 200+ followers!

    It's really hard to mention all the different artists, I do admire so many with all kinds of different styles.

  5. ~~#200 waving Hello~~ ;) Up to 202 now. Yay! :D
    My favourite artists at the moment are all mutual friends. :D

  6. One of my favourite artists is Marcus Pierson and I am thrilled to have a copy of his limited edition "Know Limit" in my office. And a Dr. Suess. (I love Dr. Suess!)

    I wrote a post about him awhile ago before I started to create anything myself - You talked about pushing yourself, Lisa, and this piece is all about that!

    But "favourite artist" has changed for me since joining CED2010. I am so very impressed by all the creativity in Blogland. Wow, there are amazing unknown artists out there - it is so hard to have a favourite!!

    BTW Lisa - sorry about not following that way. I keep track of everyone on my iGoogle pages. Different strategies/styles that each of us prefer. So you likely have more than 201 followers!

    All the best!

  7. 203 now! :) hee hee Congrats to you! What a super giveaway. Count me in. Hugs!

  8. What a wonderful post. Maybe I'll "copy" it when I reach your milestone. Congratulations.
    I think Sarah Whitmire has inspired me the most. Her classes are wonderful and her free prompts and have really made a difference in my life and my art. I don't know how to do links in a comment but you can find her easily by googling her name.

  9. I've been one of the original 200!
    Love to have a chance, and loved reading the history!!!

  10. Yay..congratulations!!! Love this new super generous of you..she has an enchanting deep soul..magnificent..what a beauty! I so enjoyed reading your journey..isnt't wonderful walking this creative path and all the gifts along the way !! i am thrilled to have met you and so love all that you do! Id be honored to win your giveaway..a treasure! Hugs! I love your i pick you!

  11. Congrats on 200th! :) I'm glad your blog evolved the way it did. :) The painting is fabulous. I love that the painting takes on its own. :) I admire lots of artists today. I guess my favorite would have to be Duda Daze.

  12. Hi Lisa! Congrats on your 200+ followers! I'm so glad you took a detour from your much anticipated novel and just unwrapped yourself into blogland. It really is a treat for me to visit your blog and I so enjoy your style of writing. Can't wait to read your future novel too. :)

  13. Congrats on your 200+ followers. Thats something to be proud of. And I'm glad you enjoy doing this blog for us.

  14. congratulations my fren :)) 200 is quite a milestone! it will only grow bigger and better ;)

  15. ~one day later and you are now 204!! they keep on coming and they have every reason to do such...congrats on your milestone and for being such a bright light in our day to day...i wish for you many more moments to come of sharing your words and art! this piece is beautiful and your heart so gracious to for artists...each one on my blog roll inspires me in there own unique hard to chose a favorite...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  16. Isn't blogging wonderful? Congratulations on your 200+ followers! I love so many artists, I don't really have a favorite. Can I enter anyway?

  17. Boy, picking a favorite artist - that's a tough one! Of course I am rather partial to this artist's work:
    and I'm fortunate to own a few postcards and a set of her ATCs. ;D
    Congratulations on your milestone Lisa, it's hugely deserved! What an amazing journey it has been so far... just think where you may be in another 18 months!? ;D

  18. Congrats on 200 followers ... although, it's already up to 204. WhooHoo! I loved reading about your journey and all of the changes you've been through.

    I adore your work ... and it's so kind of you to host this giveaway. Okay, my favorite artist (besides you) is my hubby:

  19. Your hard work is paying off my friend-congrats to you!

  20. Congratulations on reaching 200 (and 1!) followers Lisa - and what a generous giveaway!

    I'm just going to pick an artist from my favourites randomly as there are sooooo many I love. Lynne Perrella's work is always amazing -

  21. Congrats love! I am adoring your new paintings. My favorite artist right now is Henry Asencio...he also paints with lots or red and it's what draws me to his paintings...i'm going to have a go at it soon!

  22. What an awesome journey you began 18 months and zero followers ago, Lisa, and I'm glad for its "derailment" to include your artwork, as I find your blog a treasure trove of inspiration in art and words. You have a wonderful way with both! Congratulations on reaching such a grand milestone along the way of your journey; here's wishing you many more to come. As for my favorite artist, I cannot say I truly have just one. However, tonight I stumbled across a long-lost client from my years in the graphic arts industry many moons ago, and was totally amazed at his growth and art, so I'll share him with ya.

  23. If there is anyone I admire more than a person with paint brush, it is a person with the gift of words. Someone who can actually download it from their brain onto paper and make you want to read it. Congrats on your 200 plus mark. Keep doing what you love, the rest will always follow~*
    Awesome giveaway! :)

  24. I am so happy for you!
    What a beautiful post - I noticed the 200 followers and think that's sooo cool! Congratulations, your work speaks for itself, it is beautiful and deep and I'm glad that you picked up those paints again so that I can now have a chance to win one of your pieces!! :)
    Thank you for the opportunity and to answer your question, I LOVE Pam Garrison's work. You can find her @ pamgarrison.typepad.
    Kristin xo

  25. Congratulations...and please include me!!
    My fav artist of the moment? Richard Snowden.
    I saw his work at the recent Knaresborough arts festival.
    richard snowden


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