Friday, 27 August 2010

Words and pictures

"I'm learning to live close to the lives of my friends without ever seeing them. No miles of any measurement can separate your souls from mine."
John Muir

(Best viewed enlarged)

I'll not deny that I've not exactly been friends with this piece all week. It was one of those paintings that started off so well with plenty of promise. But promises were broken, words were had and even little tantrums showed their faces.

It is my entry to Inspiration Avenue's words challenge and I so wanted it to be special. This was opportunity to celebrate in words and picture the friendships I've made both within this group and in the wider world of Blog, for while we never get the chance to sip a coffee or a glass of wine or nibble on a biscuit together, you're still my friends. You're my creative joists holding me up and keeping me going. I can't tell you how much your support means to me.

The idea behind the piece was to illustrate the quote above that really brought to life the nature of these online friendships. We may be scattered across the globe, but oftentimes I think you're standing in the arty mess next to me or reading over my shoulder as the words pour forth.

What you can't see, because they are now hidden beneath so many layers of paint, are photocopies of letters, notes and paper gifts sent to me in the mail by my fellow bloggers. It's a shame that they disappeared but I know they're there, making up the foundation of the painting - a most important role to play.

So, I finally finished it today after hours of work. I think that perhaps it was a little over-ambitious. I mean three faces, two of them 3/4 profile. What was I thinking of? I've struggled with most creative things this week and this was no exception. Each face ended up with so many layers of paint that they are practically 3D and they had more hair colour changes than Lady GaGa!

Still, this will have to do. I wasn't entirely happy with the end result, but as they say... It's the thought that counts!

Mixed media on acrylic paper. Acrylics, inks, pen, prismacolour pencils, collage, stamps, distress ink, sweat and tears....


  1. ~how beautiful are these words you chose...i don't think you could have found anything more suiting for such a piece...and tying your bits and pieces from notes and letters ect makes this even more precious of a piece...i l♥ve this lisa...for all it stands for...even if you are not thrilled to bits with have brightened my day simply by sharing and spreading your thoughts and are a wonder maker and a true inspiration to us all...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. What a wonderful piece -- celebrating our connections to kindred souls around the globe!
    I'm impressed that you take on an ambitious project like this, and stick to it, in spite of your frustrations. Bravo! As for Muir, how did he connect with distant friends when he didn't have the internet? I'm not even sure there was mail service in the mountains.

  3. That, my friend, is a very good question. I have to confess I'd never heard of him so had to google to discover who he was! He's obviously not so famous in England! I think he must have meant he felt them in his heart even though he was so far from them?

  4. Oh wow Lisa so wonderful painting art. Gorgeous design. Love the girls.

  5. This is really beautiful and so meaningful!

  6. wow!! i am so touched by your words my fren :) the thoughts and the words (physically) that went into this piece are priceless as is the work and the artistry of its maker! just for this piece only, "the power of words" was a worth while challenge!! amazing and heartfelt ... teary hugs!!

  7. Lisa..Fantastic!!..I LOve this..i think it is such a super-inspiring heartfelt and full of wonderful energy, spirit and LIFE! Love this! AWESOME!!!yay!!

  8. Mmmmmmmm. Well I think it's a lovely painting.

  9. This really is beautiful! I think you did a fantastic job and a really thoughtful piece!

  10. Oh, I think it's beautiful, actually. I love it. Gorgeous eyes!!!

  11. Beautiful piece.
    You are so good in painting of ppl.

  12. Lisa, I think these ladies turned out spectacular! This kind of reminds me of little women - the movie.

    Great job...we are our own worst critics sometimes, I think. Smiles :-)

  13. I really like it! I love that you've used personal letters etc in the background Lisa - even if you can't see them, they're there as a foundation, that's quite beautiful!
    And actually, I am here chatting to you drinking coffee, it's kind of like having a coffee together...!

  14. I love what you've created, Lisa! It's wonderful to see paintings that we can relate to beyond the art itself--thank you!

  15. This is so beautiful,I love the meaning behind it.About how you have friends around the world that support you and encourage you. Also love how theres little notes behind everything. Beautiful piece,so meaning full. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Wow Lisa, this is utterly amazing, it's absolutely beautiful!! I love how the final image came out and I can see the writing between the lovely faces. Your sentiment was captured perfectly but the image really is beautiful - great job!!♥

  17. This is so beautiful...all of that hard work was worth it. : )

  18. How beautifully expressed! Through words and art, we are truly connected around the world. Your picture speaks unspoken words.
    I am sending words your way.....
    kindred spirit
    Your art is beautiful!

  19. Lisa, what a lovely tribute to this beautiful blog world/artist community that we have the privilege to learn and grow in! I really love this piece.

  20. I think this is beautiful and I LOVE the meaning behind all these layers faces and paper and letters. I kind of think the 3D depth of paint is a little symbolic of the depth of these bloggy friendships.....they mean so much to so many of us!

  21. I Love the layers and the mood of this piece. i ti s hard to have mutliple figures, portriaits in one piece but you really triumphed..very kinde to yourself in your self examinations, you are far more succesful than you believe you are...


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