Sunday, 15 August 2010


Mermaid class begins today at Suzi Blu. I'm very excited. To celebrate (and contain my excitement while the first video downloads), I thought I'd have a bit of practice with bodies for Sunday Sketches. Most mermaids I draw only have top halves, so it's time to 'tell a tail'.
I own a beautiful book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law called Dreamscapes. She teaches how to draw and paint watercolour fairies, angels and... yes... mermaids! I definitely need to practice bodies more. I'm rather hooked on magical and mythical creatures right now but they get most cross when I don't do them justice. There's a lady coming up tomorrow from a nursery rhyme... she was not happy with her hands. One looks like a claw and the other as if it's been mashed! I've had nothing but complaints all afternoon - so much so that she completely forgot about the eight-legged creature dangling down dangerously close to her shoulder.
I must also apologise for my less-than-helpful writing yesterday on my Hope piece. The work-in-progress I posted was in fact for that actual painting. First collage layer and initial sketch. Sorry for confusion! If you enlarge the finished piece you might be able to spot this layer!


  1. hi!
    she's a lovely mermaid. graceful and serene.
    looks like a fun book to own, too!
    happy sunday to you!!!

  2. yay..what a super-beautiful gorgeous! enjoy your new classes! Everything you create is magical and wonderful.I too love the mythical magical realms..we are such kindreds in that way!
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts and new creations! Till then..have a sparkling day..and thanks for always leaving a kind word!

  3. great job on this lovely lady Lisa! I am kind of drawn to the mermaid, fairy realm these days too. I'd really like to try a fairy!

    Can't wait to see what comes out of your new class!

    Smiles and have a really great Sunday

  4. off to a beautiful start, just think how your skill will improve as you do your lessons!
    I took an online class from her and learned so much and had fun!!!
    keep us posted!!

  5. Mermaid class sounds so cool! Gorgeous subtle colour washes - I love that she's so water-y!

  6. it's wonderful attempt, & I might get that dreamscape book

  7. What a beautiful mermaid! I love how you painted the tail. That sounds like a great book too, thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Sunday :) ~Lauren

  8. Lovely - water colour and mermaids! She is like a sweet minnow!

  9. Hey, Lisa!!

    Love your mermaid. She's lovely. Have a blast in your new class. Sounds like so much fun!!

  10. She is the perfect start to your adventure with mermaids! Have fun!

  11. she looks lovely already!

  12. Your mermaid looks ready to slip into a watery dream.

  13. I think it's pretty darn good! :) One of these days I will try a shot at mermaids.

    Happy SS! Sorry for my lack of sketching this week. =/

  14. I think you're doing great. I'm also at my "body and hand" stage. Just like yours, my initial "hands" are also claws like. Looks like it's one of those common mistakes which all newbies have to go through. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get over the hurdle and produce beautiful mermaid drawings. :D

  15. You know you ARE a magical, mythical creature in my book, right?! I hope you enjoy your class!!


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