Saturday, 21 August 2010

A wheely nice day out

When my son is away with his Dad I miss him terribly. It's like he took an arm or leg with him. This time he is away for two weeks. The first few days I moped around but pulled myself together a little today and tried to make the most of some time to myself. Embracing the spirit of my new exercise regime, I took myself off for a bike ride down the canal path.

It wasn't the most beautiful of days with heavy looming cloud threatening rain but at least it kept the temperature down. I enjoyed myself immensely. Living on the edge of town meant I was out in the countryside immediately and pootling along without a care in the world. However, there were a few things I hadn't accounted for. Firstly, the after-effects of yesterday's exercise (certain muscles are really none too happy with me), and secondly the bumpy terrain and hills. Yes, hills. What are they doing on a canal path? Perhaps I should have checked out the map in advance so I could spot the 12 lock flight.

Nonetheless I persevered and knocked the gears down a notch or two and day dreamed about paintings I might create based on the delightfully named canal boats I passed - Tanglefoot, Dreamweaver and Lady Bella... what perfect inspiration.

Aside from the watercraft, when you're by the water there are certain parts to the scenery that you are pretty much guaranteed - ducks and other water fowl, dragonflies, dog walkers. Today though I was presented with the entirely unexpected:

First was a crisp £10 note just lying along the tow path with no previous owner in sight. Thank you very much.

Secondly, I experienced a mysterious sudden temperature drop for no apparent reason. Suddenly the air was icy, then almost immediately back to normal. This was strange enough, but then I realised where I was - just a stone's throw from the haunted canal tunnel....

Finally, I met Father Christmas. Yes readers, I have discovered his secret summer hideaway. Of course, I can't tell you exactly where it was, because the poor man may find his peaceful retreat suddenly inundated with letters demanding lego and playstations. But I know... He waved a cheery greeting at me. Nice man!

I returned from my jaunt somewhat exhausted - not helped by the uphill ride from canal to home. Any sensible person would have taken the rest of the day easy, but no why do that when you can go dig the garden? To say I ache now would be an understatement.... Think I may paint for the rest of the day!


  1. What a good girl you are with all your exercising! I'm hoping some of it will rub off on me. I did work a bit in the garden this morning, but the temperature is steadily heading toward 90 degrees. So I gave up. I'd love to have some of that icy haunted air right about now.

    I'm glad you have the html for your giveaway. I'm off to post it on my blog!

  2. Wow I'm impressed bicycle ride and then gardening!
    My son has just gone away with friends for a week today - I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you have lost an arm or a leg.

    On the plus side hope you have some lovely painting time x

  3. What a wonderful adventure life threw your way..and yay...10 bucks..woah..pretty cool invitation from the universe..enjoy! LOVED reading your adventure..felt like i was strolling alongside with you!!
    have a happy day!

  4. Sounds like a great day to have inspired me.

    We are down to one child this week, I have gone from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1.. Two more return tomorrow :) In and out...I will take what I can get!

    Best wishes for a wonderfully creative weekend!

    Jeanne :)

  5. aahhh!! when the adrenaline is starting to pump again from the exercise you're doing, you suddenly find that you actually need less rest and have more energy to do more things isn't it? the best feeling in the world! and nothing beats the aching muscle feel ... i just love it! it makes me feel that i've worked :)

    ok... 10 pounds is pretty cool you know and the chill is even cooler! perhaps you should write to GHI and get them to come investigate the haunted canal!!

  6. Hello there, Lisa Wright Stuff (cool name! Heheh)... Thanks for stopping by my humble abode, so now I can return the visit. And what a lovely blog you have! I love your art and definitely the humor in your writings. I'll be back, of course... :))


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