Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Comic Relief

How time flies. Can't believe it is two years since I last dressed up in my scuba gear for work. Ever since some fool put me in charge of internal communication I have taken the opportunity to use Comic Relief as an excuse to get encourage the workforce to get dressed up in a crazy costume for work. Two years ago was no exception and I delighted in organising a 'dress as outrageously as you dare' day where you had to donate if you didn't dress up. Naturally we raised a goodly amount since colleagues either didn't take me seriously or simply didn't have a fancy dress costume lying around at home itching to be worn. Last time I couldn't quite decide what to wear so settled on three changes of clothes. First was the wetsuit and snorkelling mask, but I knew (from past experience) that you tend to get a bit hot while not immersed in water, so next was a quick change into pyjamas and dressing gown and off I headed to a meeting with my teddy. Finally, a bit of glamour to finish the day in an evening dress. This year I am unemployed but why let that stop me, I feel a trip to Sainsbury's in my hula skirt coming on...
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