Monday, 2 March 2009

Getting ready for writing

When I finished work last week I brought home with me what seemed like a small truck load of papers, magazines, examples of my work, course & conference notes and miscellaneous bits & bobs that I always thought would come in useful one day. Most of it sat in my car for a few days while I plucked up the courage to bring it indoors and now it is hiding around the house looking scary. I had planned on sorting it out today but progress was slow. I did, however, TIDY MY DESK! Now, those that know me well, particularly those (un)fortunate enough to work with me will know that this event is as rare as a chocolate teapot. Yes, indeed, there may be those reading this who are having to pick themselves up off the floor in shock. Well, my friends, be prepared for more shocks. I actually went out and bought some desk storage/tidies to put much of this paraphenalia into. I am serious about getting organised, whoever would have thought it? And no, it wasn't just an excuse to put off writing because look - two blog posts this evening written whilst sitting at my beautifully tidy desk. OK, so I haven't quite got around to sorting out all the paperwork but one thing at a time, let's not get too carried away. I will do it though - look there's another of those stated ambitions! Watch this space...

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