Sunday, 29 March 2009

Inspired by Paperchase

My card design based on the Geranium I painted and fiddled about with in Photoshop. Think I will try a bit more of this, tis most therapeutic. Now, if I could only get my printer to work... Of course, painting and tinkering in Photoshop is not writing, but it is creativity and this is what floats my boat and allows me to go to bed feeling like I've achieved something unique and valued my skills instead of keeping them reined in while I busy myself with other less important tasks like cleaning the house, watching TV. Creativity takes a bit of effort and it's very easy to get distracted, to miss opportunity. Being out of work has given me this chance to investigate this side of me once again. I am fully aware that there's not necessarily going to be any financial gain from it, but let's face it, we should always be open to what life throws at us and learn from it .... I feel really great at the moment; there's a great sense of freedom in not having a job (we'll just gloss over the financial issues for now - let me live in this dreamworld for a little longer please!). Life has conspired to offer me this opportunity for a bit of time to rediscover some of my creative passions and to see if I ever really could write that novel, so let's knuckle down and make the most of it, you never know, could have a job soon!

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