Friday, 20 March 2009

It's War!

Yes, spring is in the air once again, the scent of flowers drifts upon the warm breezes, birds sing happily while nestbuilding and the dreaded bindweed once more begins its assault on my garden. I've had a number of battles with this scourge of the garden over the years - even won a few - but the war has been lost to date. HOWEVER, this year I approach the growing season with a distinct advantage - a spot of free time! The last two sunny afternoons have seen me on the offensive - digging, hacking, pulling, grappling. Filled two big buckets just with the dastardly roots. Regrettably, as with any war there have been a few casualties - some plants had to come out so I could unravel bindweed from their roots, they have gone back in the ground (in an impromtu 'field' hospital!) and hopefully injuries will not be fatal. I can safely say that I dessimated the bindweed forces today. Unfortunately they have green troops the other side of the fence waiting to make their incursions when I'm not looking... but I'll be ready...

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