Sunday, 8 March 2009

What's occurring?

Well, in terms of making it as a freelance comms professional, I've made the beginnings of a website and bought my own domain name (had to have the annoying hyphens because some blighter already nabbed the easy version!). Unfortunately the website is currently down because somehow I broke it, but bear with me! I really feel quite excited about the prospect of going out on my own, being my own boss and getting to work for loads of different companies, meeting lots of exciting new people. I guess what thrills me about the idea is that you always get to have the 'early stage of project' excitement, the bit where your creative juices start flowing and the ideas come thick and fast. When you're doing the same old thing for the umpteenth time it is sometimes hard to really let the mind open up to new possibility. Instead of challenging what has gone before, which is much easier to do when it's something new to you, you run the risk of getting stuck in your own rut. Of course, constantly being the 'new girl' has its obvious down side in that you never really get to know the business, but I guess that's where talking and asking lots of questions comes in. I really want this. I feel ready for a different challenge and strongly believe it's the way to make the most of my talents.
Impressed myself today with my photoshop talents - see how I got the writing to curve around the glass. It's amazing what you can achieve with a bit more free time on your hands... just need to earn some money now...

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