Sunday, 8 March 2009

What do I sell about me?

How do I find my niche? What of what I can do will sell? It's all very well sitting here with these grand plans for 'freelancing', becoming a consultant, a writer... What I offer must fulfill the needs of those prepared to pay and what makes me so different? I have always just 'been myself' and let the natural flow of ideas take off. I find that when I try too hard I get stuck up against a wall. I like to be bold and crazy, do things my own unique way, I like to inject a bit of my own personality into my work and this is what I want people to buy. How do I sell this? How can I persuade corporates to buy my personality, my ideas, my dreams and my internal communications plans? One thing for sure though, when I finally get around to actually starting to write the novel, I'll just write it for me. It's been a long time coming, it needs to be a labour of love. I think if I try to fit it to a specific genre it might lose its sponteneity. This one is for fun and not to worry about being published... Of course, it would be rather nice if it did end up on that table in Waterstone's that's just by the door ... the one everyone stops to look at... and maybe Richard & Judy might like to stick it in their bookclub... Ah dreams....

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