Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Destiny calling

Well, after the excitement of mingling with royalty on Monday, I'm back down to earth with a bang and once again ensconced in front of the PC getting creative. I am wondering how on earth I actually found time to go to work as my days are non-stop activity (although, saying that I did actually fall asleep yesterday afternoon for an hour...). I am busy writing, looking for work, signing up on recruitment and freelance writer websites, selling things on ebay, cooking, and err day-dreaming BUT still no rubbish TV... I read an interesting line in a book recently about destiny "to each human born, the Gods gave a destiny, and free will either to fulfill it or turn away. No one can live another's life - or at least, not live it as it was meant to be lived. No one can embrace another's destiny. We can each only take up the burden of our own, and seek it with all courage and hope." (from Talyn by Holly Lisle). These words really struck true with me (and somewhat bizarrely as I write them there is a song about destiny on the radio!). I will not fulfill my destiny of becoming a writer by sitting around dreaming about it. I won't be a freelance communications professional just by building a website and waiting for the work to come to me. To succeed at anything we have to work really, really hard. It's up to us if we follow our calling. Do we have the strength and determination? Is writing my destiny? It feels like maybe it is, I might have to fit in a 'proper job' too but I know I can do it. Fate has placed this 'free time' in my hands to allow me to go out there and be creative, so Lisa, get on with it!

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