Monday, 23 March 2009

Yes Yes Yes

I am reading a book called the Yes Man by Danny Wallace. You may have heard of it, in fact I think there's a film based on it starring Jim Carey - I guess the Americanised version! Anyway, for the uninitiated, Danny is man in in a rut. In his mid-twenties, he has turned into a boring 'middle-aged' singleton whose social life revolves around the sofa. He finds it very easy to say "no" to opportunities until one day he meets a man on a bus (who at this stage in the book, may or not may not be some kind of prophet) who tells him to "Say yes more". And so he does (no doubt the movie adds the by-line 'with hilarious consequences'). I'm about half way through, it's very funny. Go read it. Anyway, the point of this rambling is of course that I have been inspired by the 'grasping at opportunity' philosophy as it coincidentally follows parallels in my own life. I have seen this time of redundancy as a chance to focus on my own dreams of becoming a writer, the additional free time means I can once again explore old hobbies (see painting of cat below). I've even had time to tidy up! It's very much a period of 'dusting off' for me and I am quite enjoying it so far. Naturally at the back of my mind is the obvious concern of paying the bills, but that problem may be solved soon as I have a job interview this week for a 6 month internal communications contract. Just as well I've been keeping my hand in - this morning I presented to 30 over-excited five-year-olds. I took the 'opportunity' to do something different and told my son's class all about my trip to see the Queen - complete with powerpoint presentation! My son was almost bursting with pride, it was great fun!

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