Monday, 23 March 2009


A word of advice to the out of work. It's a common afflication for those not in regular employment to openly state "I don't know how I found the time to go to work". Indeed I seem to recall writing about it myself. The days seem to fly by and although I am constantly busy with 'something', I do wonder at the quantity of achievement coming out of each day. It's very easy to just drift through the day, slowing down your rate of output, prevaricating, day-dreaming, checking for emails! What is needed is direction and self-guidance. To be your own boss, to knuckle down and write, job search, create your brand identity you need to approach the task in the same way you would while at work. Set yourself tight deadlines, write 'to do' lists, challenge your output. Without them I am afraid of drifting into apathy, of finding the excuse to 'just watch TV for half an hour', to recline on the bed. It's only by having a sense of achievement that I can feel satisfied in life and it makes it a lot easier to achieve if you plan what you're hoping to do in the first place. It is about seeing set backs as opportunity, structuring your day to make the most of it. Take this morning for example. I had planned on an energetic workout but pulled a muscle in my neck when I got up and can hardly turn my head. So, I can't do exercise but I can get on with that mountain of paperwork that is sneering at me, thinking it's won one over on me. While we are out of work we have to keep as much an eye on our mental state as we do our finances. I am off now to make my time-managed to-do-list for today and the rest of the week. This includes writing in this blog but writing as a means to an end - practice and not as a time-wasting exercise putting off tasks I am not so keen on (paperwork) but are essential to providing the bedrock for a happy Lisa.

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