Sunday, 8 March 2009

Going public

Well, my blog is now out there and being read and no longer just the ramblings of a crazy Lisa talking to herself. Strangely now though I can't seem to think of anything to write - it's the pressure of knowing I've got an audience! However, that is no way to go on as a potential writer - can't go getting writer's block at this stage of the game. I decided to view other people's blogs as inspiration and just kept clicking 'next blog' at the top of the screen. Well, let's just say there are some really 'interesting' people out there. It is a strangely addictive pastime though it seems most people seem to use their blog for posting pictures rather than doing much writing - though somewhat frustratingly the ones with most words tend to be in a foreign language and unless they are asking for directions to the train station in French or German, I'm unlikely to be able to understand them. The best one so far in terms of mirth generation was a lovely middle-aged Virginian housewife who liked sewing and had made a nice little storage 'thing' for her scissors and sewing tools. It really was delightful and was her 'make of the month'. Still, one musn't mock. I might be desperate to find that site again when I get a job for Stitch in Time or What to do with your Crochet Hook magazine and no doubt if she were so foolish as to attempt to read my ramblings she might find them useful as an insomnia cure. (This last bit is me feeling guilty at ridiculing some poor woman who I've never met and is probably very decent, and just because she wanted to make something useful to keep her scissors in, and maybe I am just jealous because I am so rubbish at sewing!).

Time to shut up and go and browse some more blogs...

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