Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I did it!

Wow, this writing down your ambitions thing really works. No sooner had I typed those words about sorting out all that paperwork than there I was on the lounge carpet surrounded by piles of recycled trees! I am very impressed with this. What next? Well, write the novel obviously, getting a job would be a good one too. This is day 3 of unemployment and still feels strangely like a holiday which is not good. Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up in a cold sweat wondering how I am going to pay the bills, but so far I must say I am rather enjoying myself. I've done two workouts - that's another one - GET FIT! I bought a gorgeous dress yesterday ready for when I meet The Queen (that isn't a joke - I really am meeting the Queen!). It was my boyfriend's birthday and to help him celebrate I took him dress shopping - what a considerate bird eh? Well, truth is, we just popped into Debenhams for a "quick look, I promise" and I came out with a dress. I only tried one on, but it was perfect and he got to sit down for 5 minutes and read the paper.
Anyway, I digress... It's time to get this show on the road as they say. It's all very well writing a blog about me becoming a writer but doing it is another thing. What I envisage is earning money doing a variety of creative things. I want to write a novel (big project; big risk); I want to write and get published some short stories for magazines (doesn't pay much but good experience and how cool would it be to see my creations on the newsagent's shelf). I would like to do some part-time/freelance Internal Communications consulting. This is where I will earn some money. Let's prioritise then. Next ambition - sort out a business plan for consultancy, write to my network. Finally, I just want to write, so we'll start with this blog and see what happens. By the time Masterchef comes around again next year we'll have something about food published.

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