Monday, 17 August 2009

Artistic inspiration - Cornish style

What is about Cornwall that encourages so many writers and artists? Could it be the purple heather ablaze on the clifftops? The sea that shimmers with a myriad of shades of blue and green? Verdant hedgerows bursting with the chirpings of wildlife? Or simply the presence of so many other artistic souls? Does their creativity spread on the scented breeze like a pleasant contagion infecting all with the desire to write, paint, doodle and just generally 'create'?

Today I visited one such artist - Sujati Art in Trevaunance Cove. I've bought a few cards and bits and bobs from her in the past and follow her blog. We're friends on Facebook too. How could I therefore miss the opportunity to meet her in person when I was but a paint splash away from her shop? I knew I wouldn't be able to resist coming away empty handed but did not anticipate that I would fall in love with a gorgeous painting. I feel very grown up now with my first proper artwork purchase ready to hang proudly on my wall at home.

This is a short post because I have an urge to go paint!
(The little cutie in the picture is Otto. I met him today during feeding time at Paradise Park. He put on quite a show, but I discovered, that just like my son, he is happy to wrap you round his little finger if food is likely reward. Once he'd munched his way through a spot of brunch, he and his pals disappeared back in their burrows - presumably to watch OtterEnders on their TV.)


  1. what inspiration.. an otter!! hope you had a paint filled day

  2. What a great photo and enchanting post! Was wonderful to meet you in person , look forward to seeing pics from the rest of your holiday! x

  3. You are in my part of the world! There is something special here but i can't put my finger on it exactly either...


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