Saturday, 8 August 2009

Endless possibility

This morning I awoke to a wonderful feeling. Something very special was awaiting, a time of endless possibility. Well, two weeks anyway. Today I start my Summer holiday! Ah, the blissful thought of no work, sunshine*, travel and creativity.

* One can but hope. This morning greeted me with such promise with ne'er a cloud in the sky. I celebrated the fact by putting some washing on so my smalls can enjoy the opportunity of flapping about in a warm breeze later!

And the plan to make the most of every second of the these rare moments of magic? Well, naturally some serious creativity but above all some time to play with my son and let loose a bit more of the child in me. Also, some exciting travel. Watch this space and enjoy taking flight with us...
The seagull is Juan. We met him on holiday last year in Menorca. Note the blue sky. Here's hoping...


  1. snap - my washings spinning round just now too! have a good break and i'll look fwd to see what excitement follows :o) enjoy the sun!

  2. It sounds as though you have things all scheduled out, a little fun, a lot of creativity and time with the ones you love... the perfect recipe for a wonderful holiday, enjoy!

  3. Enjoy your summer holiday!

  4. hooray! have a lovely holiday!

  5. You so deserve a holiday ... have a good one! ;)


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