Thursday, 13 August 2009


This rather represents my mood today - or at least my brain. It's full to bursting with thoughts, lists, ideas, hopes, aspirations and things to do...
Everything is half done or dabbled with as my bemused and befuddled self reaches out to the next task and the one after before finishing anything. In fact, I know I won't finish this post now... I have to go out in a minute, but at least I made a start.
I know, I know. I should make a list and prioritise the key tasks. Finish those first then move onto the next. Sometimes though I just can't concentrate on any one thing. I tried to listen to a relaxation CD but the guy teaching me how to relax talked way toooo sloooowwwly. I don't have time for that nonsense. There's too much to do. First week of holiday nearly over. It's passed in a complete blur.
Anyway, this is my creation for Theme Thursday on the subject of 'orange'. You may recognise the lady - she is Little Boots the singer. I cut her out from Vogue and stuck her on a swirly background. We played with acrylics and oil pastel then she was unceremoniously flattened in the scanner before being magically transported into Photoshop. There she was mixed with some luscious photographs I'd taken which in their turn were adjusted and tweaked until the result was Little Boots exploding from the blooms. A little bit of fun and fantasyland.
Does your head ever feel this full?


  1. wow!! this piece looks awesome and totally reflects the mood that you are talking about!

  2. Thanks for your visit! This is truly beautiful...and I love reading your older interesting...I will have to head back and read more! ; )

  3. Great job of combining techniques. Beautiful colors you used.

  4. Love the energy and colors in this one.

  5. This is just too cool! Love how you used your original artwork w/digital. Fantastic piece.

  6. I'll tell you... I wouldn't change a thing in your life if it leads to beautiful creations like this! Just keep doing what you've been and leave the "slowing down" for those less creative. ;-)

  7. you are positively bursting...loving all your recent posts and looking forward to more :o)

  8. This is wonderful, look forward to seeing more!


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