Sunday, 23 August 2009

Post-holiday blues

The washing machine is flinging itself into a crazy spin, the hoover readies itself to suck up half a beach worth of sand from the car, my son woke up early and I didn't sleep well.

It's that awful feeling as you contemplate another 12 months of hard slog before you next feel the waves tickling your toes and take in great lungfuls of tangy fresh sea air.
I've already written two posts on this subject but neither were worthy of publication. One was just far too self-pitying and the other just not very interesting. It struck me suddenly though that the secret was not to look forward - to the dreaded return to work tomorrow - but to look back and celebrate the holiday that was, to share in some memories and images and relive the experience a little. I also have kisses and hugs to look forward to later today when I catch up with my sweetheart after a week's absence.

So, readers, expect to see some Cornish-inspired posts coming up this week, no doubt carefully disguising my feelings of workplace melancholy. You'll have to wait until later though as washing line calls...

Mousehole Harbour


  1. I quite understand the heart sinking feeling that when we have to go back to our work after a holiday. To counter the Monday blue, I try to remember that the job, no much how tedious it is, it does support me to have a holiday and to proivde the necessary expenses for me to keep writing and living etc.

    I'm sure you'll soon over the melancholy and back to your bubbly self! ;)

  2. I understand!! Looking forward to new posts .. deep breaths and remembering how wonderful the vacation was


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