Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Postcard from Tuscany

I closed my eyes and took flight on the wings of my dreams. The soft elixir of the birdsong, wine and intoxicating scents carried me high into the hills above Firenze. Delicate flavours tinged with grape and olive caressed my taste buds lulling me into a state of soporific indulgence. Music enveloped my senses like the softest duck down and the setting sun bronzed my skin until it glowed with pleasure and warmth.

I thought that having written about the inspiring affects of Italia, I should perhaps let the Muse free to run under the Cypresses for an hour while I got the collaging and painting materials out. A little teamwork (and a glass of wine) was just the thing we needed to soothe ourselves after a trying day.


  1. sigh... thatsound delightful!!

    you asked abiut melting Nat GEog.. i havent tried it, YOu use Citra Solve..and I havent tried to find it. There is something about NG ink..( issues within last 10 years) that the ink will dissolve.. I will try several products as soon as I find some NGs''and will post my results!! if I have any..results!!

  2. Beautiful!!! You know I'm off to relax with a glass now! xo Michele

  3. Lovely work and glad you used it for your banner. ;)

  4. Your work is just beautiful, both written and visual!

  5. Hello,

    a poet and an artist - wow!!


    Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to find my way to both your writing and art... absolutely beautiful.


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