Sunday, 23 August 2009

Let fantasy give flight...

... to your dreams.

They crept through the garden and floated on silken wing. Who but Lisa knew they were there? Landing delicately in the soft blossom they drank in the scents of both perfume and freedom, for once they were mere photographs in a magazine, immortalised yet trapped within heavy pages - until she gave them wings of gossamer. Fly fairies... fly... for the garden is yours.

Bopsie and Mopsie are the product of both an over-active imagination and the Three Muses weekly challenge - this week we are required to give wings to things and, let's face it, fairies are far more exciting than chunks of flying metal (though last time I checked I don't think they were able to take you on holiday to exotic places, so scratch that last remark... planes are great!).

As I contemplate my last night of freedom before the lockdown commences at 9am tomorrow with my return to work, I thought: "Why stop at one wing picture when you can have two". This is a digital bit of fun. I found the barley ages ago and thought it looked a little bit like tiny fairies swinging on grass stems (I may have been under the influence at the time!). So, I added a few fairy wings to increase the illusion. Can you spot them all? The fairies' bodies are invisible because... mmm, let me see, because... they go invisible in fields of barley. Not many people are aware of this unique trait. Pixies, for example, can't do it, nor elves. Lucky fairies I say!

PS: Despite my previous posting alluding to forthcoming musings on holiday experiences, this entry clearly has nothing to do with Cornish beaches, cream teas, wild moorland or pasties. Its whimsical nature though might hint that perhaps it might be best for my sanity if I did indeed return to the work-a-day land of antennas and transmission before the author takes an extended flight with the fairies.


  1. Welcolme to our challenge, Wrightstuff. I love it when the challenge captures the fancy of the artist and takes them for a journey ouside the work-a-day world. Your accompanying journaling enhances your artistry. The fairies in the garden are magical; and, as you say, the fairies in the barley are illusive! Lovely entries both.

  2. Both pieces are great! Love your fairies!

  3. Wrightstuff (love your user name), you can post as many entries as you like because anything goes at the Three Muses and what a joy it is to see your stunning artwork. I love your scrumptious painted fairies and flowers and I love your invisible-fairies-in-the-barley! I can see that quirkiness and whimsicality are your middle names! I enjoyed your journaling a lot on this dreary winter's morning in Oz.
    Thanks so much for participating in the challenge.

  4. You're really with the fairies ... ;)

  5. Wow wow wow wow wow this is absolutely amazing. Love them.

  6. Wings wings wings! I've always wanted a pair, myself. Love your fairies! :)

  7. the studio and the barley .. gorgeous!! I'm sorry you cant just live on vacation, its so inspiring to be free of work !! oh yeah, a job does pay for that luxury doesnt it!!

  8. I stopped by the other day but I had to come back because I
    could see this one was more than a look-see.

    I had to study the art and read each work.

    Beautiful job both are magical and enchanting…



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