Wednesday, 12 August 2009

No pigeon was safe...

We invaded the City my young Knight and I to continue our adventurous quest. Some kind of magic had been performed when the Moon shone; for the morning dawned shiny bright and crisp with the spirit of exploration.

We transported through an incredible time machine to tread the same earth as mighty dinosaurs, curious mammals and ginormous birdies. Well, actually we caught the 0948 to London Euston and then a couple of tube stops later arrived at the Natural History Museum!
Them dinosaur bones sure are big and a bit scary-looking - especially to a five-year-old... and was Mummy quite sure that the animatronics weren't real..? 'Cause those teeth looked mighty sharp and those eyes seriously beady!

Great fun charging around a Museum with a young escort and then the day's fun just kept on coming as I took him on a whistle-stop tour of my favourite city. Best bit for probably both of us was him discovering just how fun it is to chase pigeons (or chippins as he kept calling them!) - especially when they have been so foolish enough as to gather in a flock in the middle of a nice bit of grass.
Taking time to see life through a child's eyes is such powerful therapy. Their speed at digesting all they take in seems somehow to assist in your own slowing which is rather a contradiction! Away from the stresses of work and the continual battle to keep the house clean and tidy and manage the 'to do' list, it seems we finally allow ourselves a little moment to just stop and watch and smile.

Monday's relaxation had helped pave the way to allowing this stepping back off the treadmill.

Today, however, threatens a return as I drift around the house attempting to achieve everything while not accomplishing much. Relax Lisa, for tis your summer holiday (even if it is raining AGAIN!).

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  1. the little one must have had a great time!!


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