Friday, 21 August 2009

Cherries and almonds

I have been lying in bed lusting over a warm croissant filled with gooey almond paste and a warm cherry compote. What more delightful combination can there be. The top of my perfect breakfast would be crusted with toasted nuts and a light dusting of icing sugar. The whole sticky, calorific mess gets washed down with a milky coffee.

Ah the day is set up so nicely.

Unfortunately I have no croissant of any nature, so I write about instead and dream...


  1. Oh you got me! Now I want one of those, but I have never seen one, nor tasted one, that has both almond paste and cherries. Dream on!

  2. gosh!!! it looks delicious AND fattening!!! YUMMY!!

  3. Hey Chicklet - you can buy them but I haven't seen any for ages. You know what I just found in the cupboard - almond and cherry cereal bars! Bit late now!

  4. Well... I've melted into a pool of desire with this posting... ;-)

  5. I feel a special connections with anyone that dreams about food! Remember woman, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! :)


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