Monday, 3 August 2009

Corrupting music

I'm scared, really scared. I think I might be losing it a little, the old mind is not what it used to be... it's becoming addled or maybe just corrupted - yes that must be it - I've been brainwashed. This morning I was struck by a terrifying experience. I actually enjoyed listening to Perry Como on the radio - and this is not the first time an event of this magnitude has happened. I marvelled at the smoothness of his voice, his talent, was uplifted by the romance and passion of the lyrics. What on earth is the matter with me? It's that bleedin' Wogan fellow with his TOGisms and cronies bantering on about snorkers and vittals (you have to listen to understand what on earth I'm bathering on about). And, dare I confess that it gets worse. Yesterday I downloaded the latest Neil Sedaka song [hangs head in hands]. But you see, it's just so catchy with its Latin rhythms (although has anyone noticed that he seems to sound like a woman?). It's actually playing now...[cringes] and I am bobbing around in my seat to the hypnotising beat lie lie low lie low lie low lie ...

Surely just because I'm approaching 40 it doesn't mean I have to start liking the same music as my Mother? Next thing we know I'll be reading SAGA magazine... (which is the kind of publication your parents subscribe to!)

What will Lindsay say if she reads this? Will I be removed from the Christmas card list? She won't believe that I did actually listen to Kings of Leon on the way home - loudly (and then switched it for some easy listening because I wanted something soothing).

Maybe if she just listened, she might just understand....


  1. Dad always used to say that SAGA holidays stood for Send A Granny Away. Now he is well and truly an OAP he keeps fairly quiet about that and instead raves on about all the interesting articles in the magagzine!

  2. woman, you crack me up:) It's alright now and again to branch out into oldies music, okay,in this case, it's really oldies music. Then go blast some Beyonce as loud as you can to bring you back to your senses.

  3. Hehe - and if you want to know what Lindsay said...

    Whoooooo?? I didn’t mind the Perry Como, I can see a certain old-school charm in the way he croons, but you may have stepped firmly onto the other side by buying Neil Sedaka!!!

  4. Lisa,

    This just shows you have varied musical tastes. My 21 yr old daughter will even listen to Benny Goodman. Her tastes ran the gamut. I felt that way listening to Michael Buble' because his songs reminded me of music I know my parents listened to. I just let go of that idea that I was dated and all that. I decided I could just enjoy any music I liked. Now I would worry if that was all you listened to.


  5. Just don't make me listen to it

  6. Confession: I love Burt Bacharach and Perry Como sings one of his songs called Magic Moments. Eeek! I'm old too! P.S. Nice new look around here!

  7. Perry Como !!! I actully listened to him when I was a kid ... so what does it make me? OMG, I don't want to know!

  8. Shhhh, don't tell anyone but I personally love-Tom Jones! I always have so I can't blame it on advancing years. Sometimes I just need a break from the rock.

  9. Ah the old songs are the best - ones that you can actually hear the words to!


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