Monday, 10 August 2009

Ode to Indolence

Ah, who would have thought that weather most foul could have brought forth such a day of delicious indolence.

Today, my brave Knights and I were to do battle with tourists a plenty at ye Olde Castle of Warwick; but we were defeated at first hurdle by a most malicious drizzle. For who wouldst pay good coinage to become dreched in England's fair yet damp mistings. Tourist battle may only be undertaken with full sunshine beating its fists upon one's breast; or else one risks a melancholy most terrible to drown the pleasures like a poor, helpless butterfly trapped in a raindrop.

We ventured instead closer to home and partook of light refreshment at local a Costa-lry before raising the home drawbridge, prepared to sit out the weather and its foul scourge of a siege.

Fortified by a roasted fowl and crispy pommes de terre, we spent the afternoon in a state of blissful indolence. The young Knight fought Monsters Inc, while the fair maiden and he of the shining armour took refuge in great literature - for had not the mighty river at last delivered her Creativity missives and did he not discover some light-hearted romance to gladden his heart?

Ah... the delights of a British summer.


  1. Alas, whilst you experienced a drizzle we gained a mote today. ;-)

    Beautiful as always♥

  2. ahhh... perhaps the fair maiden and her knight might also like to experience the wrath of Zeus in the fair land of malaysia? ;o) where summer is eternity.

    that was a fantastic post :) hmmm... a journey back to medieval england ... could i ask for more?

  3. Sounds like the day turned out perfectly :o)


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