Thursday, 20 August 2009

Summer Summer Summertime...

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Well, it's Theme Thursday and this week we are invited to create a 'season'. Seeing as I am on holiday it felt only natural to pick Summer and, bereft of all my normal tools of the trade - most especially a scanner, I have created for your delight a digital rework of a photo I took but two days ago of an azure Atlantic. How much more summery can you get - look at the sunlight twinkling on the water, tickling the wave tops so they laugh and play their way to shore.

Naturally, it has received a few tweaks in Photoshop - given that I can never leave well alone, but hope it makes you feel like dipping a toe or even a leg in. However, I will warn you that despite the bright rays dappling the surface it is rather cold and not for the faint-hearted. Something went wrong with the saving (owing to consumption of holiday grape-based drink) and it is a little smaller than anticipated but you get the drift. So, dear readers, allow yourself to flow with the tide and take yourself somewhere warm and balmy; fill your pockets with shells and allow a cool and velvety ice cream to refresh your tired palette, for tis summer (at least in this neck of the woods) and one must rejoice!


  1. Summer time, so long in our youth, so fleeting in our adulthood. Oh, the memories of the ice cream truck's song, cotton candy and ferris wheels, days spent running up and down the beach.

    Hey, I feel a series here. Where's my sketchbook?

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Have fun and be safe.

  2. Lovely, peaceful. Alas, my favorite season is autumn. I have to admit I'd rather have waited another couple of months to be doing autumn leaves!! Glad you're enjoying your holiday!

  3. Ahhhhh, just relax and enjoy the view!!!!!


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