Sunday, 27 September 2009

A cheesy tale

Fran wriggled her nose rabbit-style and slowly sniffed. Deep, earthy scents tickled her senses, teasing with promise. Salivating, she smiled coyly at James and begged for a tiny taste. He speared a ripe brie and held it out tantalisingly before snatching it back as her mouth leant forward. The exercise was repeated with a gooey stilton, a pungent gorgonzola and the freshest of unpasteurised goat's cheese.

The precious dairy products were packed away and replaced in the fridge. "Do I need to padlock it?" James laughed.

Fran patted her round belly and heaved herself out of the chair, waddling upstairs to bed. "I think I can wait a few more days", she smiled.
My entry for this week's Sunday Scribbling. The theme this week? Well, cheese naturally!


  1. Love it & my name is Fran too.
    Now you have me thinking of goat cheese spread on a crispy baguette with roasted red peppers.

  2. felt like I was reading a passage out of a favorite novel.. great writing! thanks for visiting me and leaving a supportive comment

  3. Tantalizing and've left me wanting more (and I don't mean the cheese!!) :)

  4. "It's your life. You've only got one."

    Listen, whatever you decide tomorrow--it's the right decision.

    Sending you some "you go girl" vibes :)

  5. Cheesy, simply cheesy! I can smell that Stilton all the way over here!

  6. it is so hard to resist cheese!

  7. I agree with Frances. Yummm! And now, the rest of the story...?

  8. Is Fran a mouse? Lively prose ... :)

  9. I love this Lisa. I read it too quickly the other night. It's really romantic and makes me a wee bit broody! Linds xx


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