Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Challenging times

As the Prime Minister announces cuts in public service spending...

Gotcha! Don't worry, I'm not about to go all 'political' on you. Instead, I'm stretching the creative muscles and doing a spot of serious limbering up for some strenuous challenges coming up over the coming months.

In no particular order:

National Novel Writing Month
First up and undeniably the biggest, most ginormous online event I've ever dared stick my nose into is this challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days (of November) - whilst also working full time, being a mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, and organising a craft fayre (more on that one later). Well, why not I say? The emphasis with this challenge is on quantity, not quality. In other words, the old inner critic can be told to take a running jump. Writing without inhibition may just be what is needed to get this novel off the ground.

I'm excited to be a writing buddy of another blogger - Hybrid J. We'll be encouraging each across that finishing line. I actually can't wait for this!

Pocket contents
I guess I shouldn't dive too far into this posting without perhaps attempting to explain why a blobby pocket watch is serving illustrating purpose here. Well, by now you may have perceived a slight addiction to artistic challenges. This is for the benefit of the Three Muses and followers and this week's theme - pocket.

Journal page background scanned then digital collage. Thanks to Graphics Fairy for Mr Brownlow, the Victorian ghostly gent who has come looking for his pocket watch and found a few memories too. I can't remember where I got the watch from - 'somewhere else' on the web. I gave it a bit of a pounding in Photoshop butI think it's still working! I do feel I cheated a little though. I had planned to paint the watch, but it got too late and I wanted my bed...

Inspiration Avenue
I wanted to give a quick plug to the talents of the ladies at this Etsy group & blog. They have begun a new weekly challenge - open to all, so do pop along. This week's theme is 'Vintage'. Hmm, vintage wine... would love a glass thanks!

Mail art challenge
Here's a guaranteed gallery entry. Simply create a piece of mail art that will have the postman swooning (or possibly cursing, since I don't believe there is any restriction in size) and send it in. Clearly the organisers felt that since the advent of email they didn't get enough real post, or maybe they just wanted to provide work to their local postal service. We may never know... I need to investigate this one further but the closing date isn't for months so I'll probably apply the tried and tested 'leave it to the last minute' technique. Works every time...

'Champagne' Supernova
Well, 'Art Journal' actually but that Oasis track is a particular favourite and I seem to have wine on the brain... This starts tomorrow! Most excited, will no doubt be telling more. Bought two pristine journals today which I've sat and stroked and dribbled over.

The Joy Diet
The second of Jamie Ridler's blogging groups I have joined. Together we work through this book by Martha Beck (our Maitre D') who presents us with a menu of ten behaviours to add to our Life table. I've had a bash at the first chapter. 'Do nothing'. It's a bit like asking me to eat parsnips cooked in blue cheese - hence I include it under my challenging list! Later weeks will have me taking risks, playing, laughing, feasting and getting creative (that sounds easier [whispers], but time will tell - there may be a few parsnips hidden among the chocolate mousse)! Starts this Friday; it's not too late to join.

A real selling opportunity
In the last 6 months I have created and crafted; painted and patterned; melted and moulded. I have single-handedly kept Hobbycraft in business. It is time to recoup some cost. I have persuaded my son's school to hold a craft fayre in November. A bit of a ladies' night. I've sourced other local artisans and together with another Mum will be going all 'entrepreneurial'. We'll hopefully make money for the school too which they'll probably need because... today the the Prime Minister announced cuts in public service spending...


  1. omg!! what a whole lot of events coming up! are you intending to join all of them? you are one active lady if you are :) the art is awesome! you never cease to amaze me with the stuff you come up with!

  2. Great take on the pocket theme. You made a beautiful piece.

  3. WOW! And just what do you plan to do in your spare time??? My mother's favorite saying was "Busy hands are happy hands", and your hands must be VERY happy. Thanks for sharing your art, and your artful projects!

  4. I am exhausted after reading what you have planned for yourself over the next weeks. Wish I had half your energy! I love the idea of the pocket watch and the question of time and whether you are going to have enough of it. The watch looks a wee bit frazzled while you seem to be as cool as a cucumber! I really appreciate that you took the time to participate in the Muses challenge. You can now mark that one off your long list of things to do. I love your style!!

  5. Now that is some serious addiction to challenges my friend, I'm exhausted thinking about it.

    Your journal page is a delight.

  6. Great pocket watch and I love the ghostly effects you have created here - I'm sure Mr Brownlow is past caring whether or not his watch is still working!!!
    Ali xx

  7. Amazing interpretation of the theme!

  8. I love your (pocket) watch piece - just brilliant and lovely work . I am in awe of your undertakings on the upcoming challenges- I'm sure there will be beautiful work to behold!

  9. Very interesting artwork, and very impressive description of your activities! I wish you all the best luck in all your projects and challenges!

  10. Wow. You're a busy woman! It's great to be busy, isn't it??

  11. Welcome to the world of Nano. I have done it 3 times. I've been a municipal liason for 2 years. It really is a crazy fun experience. You can add me as a buddy on the nano site when the new info is up. My screen name is katespin.


  12. I'm exhausted after reading your list!!! :D But well done, you go girl!

  13. Wonderful art piece for this week’s theme.
    I love the composition..
    My dad always carried a pocket watch and I have
    fond memories of him taking his watch out and checking the time.
    It was always the same, the way he stood, the way the watch laid in
    his hand, the tilt of his head. When he retired he switched from a pocket watch
    to a wristwatch. I remember how odd it was for me to see my dad check the time
    in such a different way.



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