Saturday, 19 September 2009

Vintage drama

Jacqueline floated onto the ice, relishing the sound of skate on her stage that gave her such comfort. Out on the rink she was another person, far removed from the broken-hearted, dejected housewife she became when she crossed the threshold of number 43. She was a princess, a warrior, a diva, a fairy. She was anything she wanted to be.

Another, hidden in the gloom of the seats, watched Jacqueline’s every move. Motionless, she was a shadow against the shine from the ice stage. She was always in the shade even under the lights. No one ever noticed. No one cared. But not for much longer, for Pamela had something of Jacqueline’s that she knew the beautiful, foolish woman would give anything for – including her place in the limelight. Pammie’s time was coming. She smiled and slipped out of the auditorium. No one saw her go.

A bit of drama for you as my entry for the 'Vintage' challenge at number 3 Inspiration Avenue. Strictly speaking I think I should probably have made something, but couldn't resist showing you this vintage programme I picked up at a car boot sale last weekend for the bargain price of 10p. Aside from the fact I've since found an identical one for sale online for £10 (now that's what I call I bargain!), it does conjure up a lost era. I couldn't help but wonder what their stories were, so thought I'd have a bit of fun and invent one. I actually got two programmes - the other for a 1954 Holiday on Ice. I went to see that as a girl (in the 1970s, not the 1954 one!) and I think it still tours now, fitting in around the X-Factor, Britain's Got Talent and more modern and cheeky upstarts!


  1. I love this! The fun with the weekly challenge is seeing how people interpret the theme - your interpretation is truely creative - great stories!

  2. wowee!! that was cool! love the little tale you weaved and the images are so cool! love it!

  3. hey my fren :)
    is there anyway i can contact you via an email? need to ask you something :)
    mail me ok :)

  4. I think this was fabulous and perfect! You always create when you write so your entry for the week was in written form, inspired by your vintage image - beautiful!

  5. Thank you for participating with us. This is such a wonderful image. I love the vintage costumes. Very cool!


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