Friday, 11 September 2009

Orange you lucky!

Roll up, roll up.Two oranges for the price of one. Come on ladies, pick up a bargain why don't ya. Lovely juicy oranges...

I do like a bit of Inspiration to set my creative cogs a-whirring. When I stumbled upon Inspiration Avenue's blog a wee while ago it was indeed a day most fortunate as it has already led me to make some lovely new friends as well given me opportunities for more tasty creative outpouring. Now they are hosting a weekly challenge.. Well, you know me and a challenge... Why don't you come along and join in!

This week they suggest 'orange' as their theme. Very autumnal. My garden is slowly turning orange as the leaves begin to curl and wrinkle in the sunlight that finally decides to show its face now summer is over. As an aside - why is it that at this time of year spiders insist on spinning their webs at face height across pathways so you end up wearing them like some kind of halloween bridal veil?

I was in the mood for getting sticky this week in my creativity, so made some collage & acrylics boxes. It's a most restful exercise - until you view the mess strewn in a 5 mile radius around the work table. Even the cats have little bits of paper sticking out of their fur which they carry round the house to deposit in their favourite sleep spots.

Then I also couldn't resist a bit of spooky digital fun. I was actually going to save this for a forthcoming Halloween project, but have a sneak preview.

Watch out Mr Spider... or I'll set my pumpkins on ya!


  1. Oh my, you spin a pretty fabulous web yourself - certainly captured me!! Love what you've done with this challenge and I now have a hilarious image of your cats in my mind. Should make for an amusing and inspirational afternoon - thanks!

  2. omg!! that is pretty awesome! and it IS really spooky!! woah!! you are darn creative ma lady :) *taking my hat off*

  3. Great pumpkin shot. Neat-o boxes (I sound like I'm five years old). Ah yes, that age old spider question. And spin they do, frantically this time of year, finishing up spider business I guess. Isn't it amazing they survive winter?


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