Monday, 14 September 2009

Getting there... in a roundabout sort of way

Round and round whirr the cogs of my mind, grinding and processing a million thoughts, fragmenting images, formulating plans. My head hurts today. Perhaps I am not well or maybe it's just overloaded. I can't begin to write.

I opted for some artistic therapy and sought inspiration from a regular haunt. Mixed Media Monday bounced a 'round' theme. With a brain too tired for any clever, off-the-wall interpretation I just went literal. I got a round...

I drew round.
I printed round.
I cut round.
I painted round.
I collaged round.
I shaped round.
I baked round .
I found round.
I stuck round.
I rounded off...

In a roundabout way I ended up with this. It was fun. I feel a bit better now.


  1. love your roundabout!! great colour, texture and fun with all the different circles!!


  2. this is great! Love the textures & overall vibe

  3. you hit the nail on the head with this challenge!!! I love it and all the details you included in your post!!!

  4. You expressed yourself well! This piece has fast movement! The blurry effect is interesting. Your colors are well grounded. Love it!

  5. I love's perfect!!! I so understand feeling the way you do...too many thoughts and ideas comming in at once tend to clog up my brain!

  6. Gorgeous roundabout! Colours are fantastic.

  7. When in doubt, circle! Love it. I finally slept last night and actually wrote today. First day in a while, since I've been where you're at today. It'll come back. Meanwhile, circle....

  8. Wonderful, and it was fun being on the roundabout of how you created it :-) Diane

  9. Lovely piece. Understand all about the round thing. Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing it's tail. Circles are good.

  10. I like reading your 'round' about way that you made your piece..fantastic

  11. Your work is so well-rounded! Excellent piece and fun description.

  12. what beautiful art you make!! esp love this one becos of the colors!!

  13. Your roundabout is so wonderful, your colors are fantastic and I love your round word.

  14. fantastic colors, and creation


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