Thursday, 3 September 2009

Of airy tongues...

Of calling shapes, and beck'ning shadows dire,
And airy tongues that syllable men's names.
John Milton

Yesterday's post proclaimed loudly that I still feel Summer's gentle touch, yet today I am thinking Halloween...

Well, I blame my friends across the pond where clearly this celebration is a much bigger deal than here in the UK, when if we want to get scared, we just look at our politicians! I'm amazed yet also intrigued to see Halloween countdowns abounding on blogs and a whole host of parties to join. Naturally, never being one to turn down an invitation, I am getting my pointy hat ready for one such fanciful twisting of a do.

Today's ghoulish thoughts come courtesy of Theme Thursday and their apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, things-that-go-bang-in-the-night challenge.

A little ATC triptych to tickle your taste buds ahead of the season of spookiness...

Mixed media: acrylics & collage (click to enlarge)



  1. Lisa:

    I LOVE this!!!

    blogs are inspiring your talent and creativity, i can see it, yay for you!

  2. What a fab idea, I love it! The colors and composition moody and brooding. Perfect.
    I enjoyed your post and quote too.

  3. great triptych!! love the colors!

  4. Fantastic triptych. Great color.

  5. This is a delightful triptych...and is very autumnal, not just Halloween it!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Gotta love the Raven- I too am feeling Halloween a bit early- I think Blogland is to blame- but what fun! This is a beautiful and moving entry!

  8. Beautiful triptych! I love the way you have placed the poem in the image, and of course your colours and technique are wonderful.

  9. Oh, as far as my observation go, Halloween is pretty much non-exist in AussieLand! And like you, I could truly feel the spirits stirring here in blogland. BTW, great artwork. Could tell you're having fun as well as improving. Well Done! :D

  10. Hi ,
    Not sure the exact definition of Triptych, but I love it!! Also thanks for your advice via Blisschick. I have that book "Taking Flight", thanks for reminding me, I think I will revisit it:) good luck with your next piece.

  11. Stunning triptych!
    Beautifully created.

  12. Wow - this is an awesome piece! Cheers!


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