Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I'm so dizzy...

My head is spinning; like a whirlpool it never ends... la la la

Well, yes my diagnosis of yesterday was in fact correct. I do have an ear infection which in itself is not too debilitating. It's the side effect of feeling ten-sheets to the wind all the time that is causing the problem. I just walked into both edges of a doorway while trying to exit the kitchen. My head feels like it has gained 20 pounds in weight and memories of a mis-spent youth drinking too much cheap wine are spinning and gurgling back to the surface.

And curses, despite being signed off work and having a table full of art supplies calling to me, my head hurts too much to create. My memory has become a sieve and I keep having to retire to a darkened room.

It's all too much... Fetch me the smelling salts for I fear another attack of the vapours is upon me...


  1. poor darling..i empathize..i have developed a metallic ting along with my vertigo.. entertainment in teh ear!
    Do you know how to calm that inner ear? lay flat on the floor, arms out at side , stare at a spot on ceiling above you, dont move body or eyes for as along a 20 min..it settles the hairs (crystals)in the inner ear down.. get up SLOWLY works for me most of the time..I used to get awful seasickness from off shore boating..


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