Thursday, 10 September 2009

Myth and Magic

I spent an hour today with foolish knights, devious and sensual seductresses, bewitching mermaids and tragic heroines. I was swept into a rapture of brilliant hues and textures, brush strokes, passion and colourful emotionalism.

I visited the J. W. Waterhouse - modern Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. I stood in front of priceless treasures completely enraptured and bowled over by what one man, a paintbrush and a few tubes of paint managed to convey.

With my nose just a mere inch away from the canvas I soaked up the inspiration flowing down the river with the Lady of Shallot; shining scales of mermaids sent glimmers of ideas into my heart, captivated as I was by her sweet song and light brush strokes; and magic floated from castles and battlements, hanging in the air like fairy dust.

I fear I cannot do justice what it felt like to be among such paintings. Similarly, the colours in reproductions do little to capture the iridescence of the real thing. I have become fascinated by the Pre-Raphaelite style as of late - the beauty of nature is such an inspiration.
I created this piece last weekend which I've called 'Back to Nature'. It doesn't really sit too comfortably alongside the masters but allows me at least a very tiny moment of solidarity with the Victorian rebels. How I wish I had studied the History of Art at University. I was so close to choosing that path. My mind is full of questions and craves deeper understanding. Aside from being stunning works of art, each piece tells a story, many on the theme of man falling bewitched by woman. What secrets and stories lie behind these paintings? My artist date proved somewhat expensive as I purchased a book from which to learn more and soak up inspiration.

Mixed media - collage, acrylic, oil pastel, mica and a dash of inspiration


  1. Beautiful artwork!
    I can see the mica perfectly!
    and yes ab-SOUL-tely all the inspiration went into this mixed media piece, your talent is obvious, too!
    were you allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition? never been to Europe.
    thanks for inviting me to come over;-)
    hugs amiga!

  2. I so envy you the chance to see these paintings up front and personal. I love the work of the Pre-Raphaelites especially Waterhouse, Rosetti, and Hunt. I have a book of Waterhouse's work and must look at it alot.

    Your new painting is wonderful. I need to take some time out for dates with my muse, too.

  3. i get so emotional whe I see paintings in person! What an incredibel experience
    I see the mica, love this piece,, I smwll it too..its luscious

  4. No, we couldn't take photos. I just painted them again from memory when I got home! Lol. I 'borrowed' these pictures from elsewhere on the internet!

  5. I LOVE your piece, it is beautiful. And Waterhouse is an all time favorite. Lucky you to visit that museum! I'm sure it was very inspiring ;)

  6. Your mixed media artwork is getting better and better. Fantastic! :)

    And I'm soooo happy that you joined Nano! Now, send me the link of your NaNo page so that I could add you as my writing buddy. Yipppeee! :D

  7. That must truly have been amazing to be so close to such wonderful work.

  8. Sultry and seductive, and beautiful and your piece is incredible!


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