Wednesday, 9 September 2009


This is the closest I got to writing my fantasy novel this week. She looks a little lost - caught between chapters perhaps; or maybe struggling to find her identity! Why, my frightened elf, thanks to this week's Three Muses' challenge, at least we now have a name for you.


What magical delights this word conjures!

And how appropriate a name for one whose skin shines with moonbeams. Moonstruck is a creature of the forest with eyes the colour of soft moss and hair downy as the feather blanket she sleeps upon. She carries the troubles of centuries upon shoulders equally weighed with responsibility and now, suddenly, she must deal with..... Ahhhh not so fast.... wait and see.... buy the book!

Bit of a mixed bag with media. I didn't have time to paint her a proper background so cheated a little and used some fantasy background paper - with an added moon and moonglow in photoshop. Moonstruck just wandered in from my sketchbook (or did she perhaps fly in by unicorn - one can never tell with these fantasy elves - a law unto themselves!). Her basic facial features began life as a photo from a magazine, then she was painted over with a ghostly pallor. She doesn't see the sun much, living as she does in the depths of a legendary forest. How will she cope when.... oops, she's at it again - giving away plot secrets....


And finally, just for fun. Last week's Three Muses' challenge was Charlie Chaplin. I never quite got around to this one - I was poorly remember. However, how could I possibly let a little fact like 'he's actually a distant relative' pass by without mention (actually, I've mentioned before, but who's counting?). So, we have Lisa and Charlie - can you tell which is which from the striking family resemblance??!!!! Well... maybe we just share a wacky, slapstick sense of humour! (For the avoidance of doubt - he's the one with the mustache.)


  1. Your moonstruck piece is lovely. Wonder what her story is :) Looks like she has a lot on her mind!!


  2. Hiya and welcome to the Lotstodo Challenge - pleased you found us and shared with us your stunning work - hope to see you again soon - our challenges are set early Saturday morning

    x Hilda

  3. I shall be wondering all day at what your Moonstruck lady's story is. May be one day we will find out, especially how Pegasus became involved. Great piece my friend, and thanks also for your very clever Charlie piece. Yes ....... I think I can see a resemblance. Tee hee.

  4. Wonderful and magical piece!

  5. ( I had to translate your text first, i'm Dutch, and now i understand the meaning of your blog better :-)
    Aha ! You mixed two styles together !
    And Lisa....hmzzz, when you look closer with your face to the screen...i see ONE little mustachehair !
    whahaaaa. LOL
    Have fun with the tutorial !

  6. Your moonstruck piece is magical and so is the story! How I'd love to hear more! Love the Charlie too! Hugs, Terri

  7. I will read book,
    cannot wait to hear the rest of the story.
    Terrific artwork.

    I also love your CC piece, what a great family tree you have.


  8. This is very impressive!
    Stunning work.

  9. Your moonstruck is fantastic. I did not know this about you and Charlie Chaplin - it's definitely in the eyes, this is a wonderful piece. Cheers!

  10. These are both wonderful pieces! The moonstruck elf is wistful and pure magic and the Chaplin piece is mesmerizing- beautiful work!

  11. I love everything that is mystical, so just adore your unicorn and the overall moonstruck artwork.

    I'm really starting to envy you of your multi-talent to handle mixed media! ;) I'm still pretty much at writing and small doodle stage (sigh). This is the time when I want to quit my part time job and throw myself totally into creative activities!

    Anyway, of course I'll be your writing buddy if you join NaNo! Look, even if you don't join in the writing extreme sport, but you want a buddy to help with your writing project, I'm happy and feel honour to be one. Up to you now ... :)

  12. Well I'm certainly captured and dying to read more about Moonstruck!

    Love the family resemblance, don't see it, but love it! ;-)

  13. It's me again ;) ... sorry forgot to include this in my respond re Writing Buddy --> I need some as well!

  14. Haunting moon and charming charlie!!!!

  15. wow!! these are wonderful pieces....lovely work!

  16. We all want to hear the end of the story! Fabulous writing and a beautiful painting. As usual, your distant relative is hogging the limelight! However, the family resemblance is startling. (Sometimes I tell fibs).
    I love your work and I LOVE your sense of humour.


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