Friday, 25 September 2009

For my Dad

I love you Dad, you really are a wonderful father. I know it shouldn't take a heart-attack and a spell in hospital for me to say this 'out loud'; but sometimes I guess we all take each other for granted - especially when that someone is 'always there for me'. Together with Mum you did a pretty good job of bringing me up and sending me out into the world. I guess I'm a bit of handful sometimes (but only a little!). I've not always been the conventional daughter but at least I keep you on your toes. I'm sorry about the teasing and mickey-taking - but it really isn't necessary to wash the crockery quite so thoroughly before putting it in the dishwasher!!

This blog has become such an important part of my self-expression which is why I want to tell everyone just how great my Dad is. He doesn't have a computer and watching him work a mouse is frankly quite hilarious, but I know I can be sure you'll read this sooner or later.

It's pretty hard knowing quite what to say here. Once I start listing your qualities I'll struggle to stop. So let me just make everyone jealous and tell them you're always willing to help, to offer support and guidance (even when we don't think we need it!). You're funny and clever. You're a wonderful Grandad. In fact, you're everything!

Get well soon, have plenty of rest and, next time you have 'indigestion' for over 12 hours, do us all a favour and call an ambulance after about 10 minutes!

Your loving, troublesome daughter Lisa


  1. Sweet. Would that we all had Dads to write a tribute to. Lucky girl!

  2. Aw, I love that. It's great to say those things while you can. I hope he feels 100% again soon.

  3. So nice to read - so many folks wait until it really is too late. Beautiful that you can appreciate your dad while he is here to enjoy your love and adoration.

  4. oh... that's so sweet :) here's wishing your dad a swift recovery! and you my fren... you take care too :)HUGS!!

  5. thinking of you and your family:) such a heartfelt, beautiful, honest post -- thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Printing this post off right now to show Dad tonight. I predict a wee tear in his eye...

  7. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery ... :)

  8. Oh Lisa, I'm certain your Dad is SO proud of you and you're SO fortunate! I hope he gets better very quickly.♥


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